The Case Against Torture As a Function of National Security

  My wife doesn’t like to talk politics.  We seldom do.  And usually I’m on a soapbox doing my Patrick Henry impersonation. She listens and nods her head.  Until I’ve run out of words. This morning I brought up what many are talking about: the role torture has played since 9-11.  The Senate’s report has... Read more »

These Men Have the Hots for Sex

Science Headline: French researchers claim men with an appetite for spicy food are ‘alpha males’ with higher levels of testosterone. (The Telegraph) Men who savor spicy foods Are better for erotic moods. Purportedly a study has shown These males have more testosterone. On them a jalapeno acts Like sundry aphrodisiacs. So looking for a stallion,... Read more »

Storefront Verse, Or a Game of Names

  Yesterday I was driving north on Pulaski Road on my way to play pinochle at my aunt’s.    When I caught a glimpse of a store sign I’ve noticed many times before in passing.  ” Paco’s Tacos”. It got me thinking. Now there’s a good rhyme or reason for a post. How many others could... Read more »

The Death of a Squirrel

  My mother in her old age  had a way with squirrels.  She loved to feed them,  scattering generous  pieces of bread  around the tree outside her kitchen window.  If memory serves me right—and it is some  years ago—I think a few of them even came up to her as she  offered them those  irresistible... Read more »

Henceforth a Pun Will Be a Hard Cell in China

From the Business section of today’s Tribune: “Warning of ‘cultural and linguistic chaos’ that comes from messing around with idiom, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, or SAPPRFT, is clamping down on wordplay in media and advertising, arguing pun control is necessary for everyone’s good.”  (Phil Rosenthal)   The Chinese may... Read more »

Stomping on the Sour Grapes: a Post Election Limerick

  The election is over and Governor Quinn Now sadly a lame duck since he didn’t win. And what’s more  a downer He lost to Bruce Rauner, A garden variety Republican.

"Cos" Celebre

  I’ve been meaning to write about Bill Cosby.  But I’ve been struggling on what to say. I’ve always tried to give the benefit of the doubt.  By temperament, I’m reluctant to jump to conclusions. Allegations are allegations.  But… There are so many of them. And will more women emerge with more of the same... Read more »

Another Rhyme for Polar Vortex

(Perceptive commenter ‘jnorto’ wondered after reading  my last post—”A Juggernaut Approaches from the North, or It Can’t Be Winter Yet”— whether there was another rhyme for ‘polar vortex’)   Weather words once esoteric, E.g. the polar vortex, Are said as casually by us As by the wonks, geeks, or techs.

A Juggernaut Approaches From the North, or It Can't Be Winter Yet!

  My brain’s electric grid convulses With thousands of febrile impulses. What’s switched on my cerebral cortex? That frigid fiend, the Polar Vortex!

Tuesdays With Charley, Or Where Did That Cramp Come From?

  If its Tuesday, it’s pinochle at my aunt’s. We were sitting round her kitchen table, a few Tuesdays ago playing the venerable card game when Aunt Ger brought her muscle cramps up.  It’s a topic she brings up on occasion, that is to say, regularly. Sharing a few nagging episodes of my own, I... Read more »