A "Good Eating" Tip From the Tribune

  (The following verse is based on the article “Forgotten fruit” in today’s Chicago Tribune’s ‘Good Eating’  section.) A stone  fruit we don’t eat a lot Is the forgotten apricot. In supermarkets we will reach For every cherry, plum, or peach But seldom do we save a spot In diets for the  apricot. Those  chefs... Read more »

25 Curiosities About the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday this year, it’s a good time to recall who these brave and fearless signers of our birth certificate were.  Living and breathing, flesh and blood real human beings.  With different backgrounds, personalities, fortunes, and loves.  What follows are 25 ways to know them better. 1. Over 20... Read more »

Yoda and Darth Vader Will Soon Be Chicagoans

  From the hours of A.M. to P.M. R2D2 and Han Solo, see ‘em. Tween the Lake and  the Drive Will the Force come alive At George Lucas’s Star Wars Museum.

Today Marks the Anniversary of One of World War I's Bloodiest Battles

It was 98 years ago today that one of the fiercest, bloodiest battles of World War I was fought: The First Battle of the Somme. It was trench warfare. And France was the battleground.  The trenches stretched across France from northwest to the Swiss border. The First Battle of the Somme would drag on for... Read more »

A Love Letter To My Bloomin' Mistress

  A day doesn’t go by, but I think of you. Now summer is here and you grow lovelier lying in the sun or wind-blown in the shade.  Sometimes after a shower, your bedraggled look enchants and  your scent — so fresh and sweet.—ravishes the air and captivates with its sensuousness. I’ve communed with you... Read more »

Pope Francis, FDR, and Dante Weigh in on the Gap Between the Rich and Poor

  Wall Street is booming again. Setting records every few days.  Wealth is being created on an enormous  scale.  But the market’s high tide is not lifting all boats. The gap between the rich and poor in America keeps widening.  The 400 most wealthy Americans own more productive capital than the bottom 150 million Americans... Read more »

Reflections on the Catacombs of Paris: Kerri Eleison

  Note: My thanks to ChicagoNow blogger Kerri Morris whose post “Kyrie Eleison: In the Catacombes de Paris”  provided the inspiration for the following verse. Under the streets of Gay Paree The tourists trek  through catacombs. Neat stacks of bones are there to see Whose owners once had better homes. Their  femurs cannot ever flee... Read more »

Ten Ways To Tell If Your Town is Really Boring

  Your town is boring if  the grass watches you grow. Your town is  boring if  the  traffic cop tickets himself for speeding. Your  town is  boring if  the barn dance had to be cancelled due to arthritis. Your town is  boring if the most interesting part of your house  is the bedpan. Your  town... Read more »

Sorry, Hammervision, Butter Goes On My Muffin, Not In My Coffee!

  Some people put cream in their joe At a restaurant or on the go. But now there’s a trend For a buttery blend. What will they use  next?  Oleo?

If You Can Channel Carl Sagan, You Might Do Well On This Test.

In the vastness of space are spectacular tracts of dust, gas, and ionized hydrogen and helium. Astronomers have given them evocative names. Can you guess what they are? A perfect score will give you a place among the stars.  Answers follow a picture of Charles Messier who catalogued some of the following.   1. a)... Read more »