We have an homunculus in the White House

  It seems that  we carom from  rumpus to rumpus While the president’s actions continue to stump  us. It’s clear to my thinkin’ Trump isn’t Abe Lincoln And he lacks FDR’s moral compass.          

Condemning white nationalism in Charlottesville, Trump sounds mealymouthed

  In Charlottesville, white nationalists Displayed their racism with fists. Does Trump call them out For the hatred they spout? No, his words are a slap on their wrists.      

Addressing Kim Jong Un, Trump out-Herods Herod

“The guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure.”        Lyndon B. Johnson   “Locked and loaded,” Trumps says, is the nuclear bomb; The red line according to him will be Guam. Such fury and sound In a dictator’s found. What we need in our leader’s... Read more »

The formula for getting Trump to focus better

  “Staff members are being forced to strategically include the President’s name in the reports to ensure that he keeps reading and doesn’t get distracted, they said. National Security Council officials make sure ‘as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned’, they told Reuters.”  [independent.com.uk]   Trump stretches his attention... Read more »

Will Trump let slip the dogs of war?

  With fire and fury Trump warns Pyongyang. The dark clouds of war overhead seem to hang. Will cool heads prevail Or totally fail, And our worlds come down with a bang?    

President Trump, it isn't cool to deny global warming. It's stupid.

  For fifty-two days straight Seattle’s no rain. Last year on the earth was the hottest again. The glaciers are breaking, More storms are awaking, Yet none of this penetrates the President’s brain.

A reflection on Trump's defense

  Ty Cobb is on Trump’s legal team; He has a mustachioed face. With his moniker wouldn’t it seem Trump would worry he’d steal his base?  

The Grand Deception: Trump at his rally in West Virginia

  I’m one of you, Trump tells the crowd, The coal miners who’ve lost their jobs. He’s one of them, so they cheer loud. They think he isn’t with liberal snobs. Or the moneyed class who are  high-browed. Or the rich white guys with whom he  hobnobs; Not Trump… cognitive dissonance is allowed.    

Trump's hypocrisy is par for the course

  Trump skewers Obama for having  teed up And for trying to hit dimpled balls in a cup. Yet the President’s often been seen on the green Wholly enjoying nine holes or eighteen.        

Trump mines his base in coal country

  At his rally last night Trump paraded a sign: ‘Trump digs coal’ was its pithy and  partisan line. Of course he would never In any sense ever, But his base believes this,  so it’s fine.