On weaponizing teachers

  To protect  all our students from gunfire harms Trump says he’d consider that teachers bear arms. But I can’t envision With any precision The effect this would have on recruiting schoolmarms.          

On press briefings: A clerihew

  Sarah Huckabee Sanders Often meanders. She’s a very good dancer Around every answer.  

Mitt Romney sells out to Trump

    Mitt Romney, about you I care not a whit For accepting Trump’s nod in the Senate to sit. Once you called him a phony, But that was baloney. The high ground you stand on’s a pile of sh_t.
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Our children may lead us in the fight against gun violence and its enablers

  The sun is arising upon a new day; It’s  piercing through clouds o’er Trump’s dark land. A new generation of leaders array, The gun violence victims of Parkland.

Trump's way of braking the news

  Trump’s attacks on the press are extremely unnerving. And never before are they so undeserving. Our freedom’s at stake When he calls the news fake, An opprobrious libel that’s really self-serving.  

Fox News: Trump's megaphone

  All the commentators on Fox News Are committed to echo Trump’s views. From morning to night They purvey Trump is right Notwithstanding his lies and miscues.  

Trump's witch hunt campaign: A forked tongue in cheek?

  “President Donald Trump was joking when he suggested that Democrats were being ‘treasonous’  by not clapping for him during his State of the Union address, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.Trump’s remarks were ‘tongue in cheek,’ White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told NBC News. The president’s point, he added, was that all Americans, regardless... Read more »

On Second Amendment rights, have we reached the tipping point?

    “Declaring the nation united and grieving with ‘one heavy heart’  President Donald Trump promised Thursday to tackle school safety and ‘the difficult issue of mental health’ in response to the deadly shooting in Florida. He made no mention of the scourge of gun violence.”     [abcnews.go.com]   Another mass shooting, and what does Trump... Read more »

On opening day at Cubs park

  I will go to the Cubs game like many will do And sit in a seat that will have a good view. If they show on the cam Where exactly I am, My dear, rest assured, I’ll be cheering for Yu.

Rachel, Walmart's new Brand

“Rachel Brand, the third-ranking official at the Justice Department, is expected to resign Friday. A source familiar with Brand’s plans said she is going to accept a job with Walmart. A second source said she is leaving DOJ ‘because she got a great job.'”     [cnn.com]   I’d advise Rachel Brand to remain at her post... Read more »