My baby is going to print. Awhhh...they grow up so fast.

My baby is going to print. Awhhh...they grow up so fast.
The Chameleon is printing next year! Visit for more information!

Hey ChicagoNow blog land! I apologize I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been on hiatus because of Easter and life has consumed me since then.

But no more excuses. I'm back now. AND I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS.

This blog post is an update about many things that have happened in my own personal student media land over the past few weeks.

You'll recall a few weeks ago, I had a post entitled, "To Print or Not to Print? That is the Question." I described my feelings about expanding the LUChameleon [the student magazine I work for] into a print edition for the 2012-2013 school year.

Well, in the end, I couldn't deny that having a printed edition of the Chameleon is something I've always dreamed of, since its inception.

So about three weeks ago, I turned in a budget request to our university's department of Student Activities and Greek Affairs [also known as SAGA], detailing our plans for printing for the Fall 2012 semester, and all those good number figures, (money money money blah blah blah), that go along with a budget request.

We then went to a budget review session, where members of the Loyola student government asked my staff and me questions about our budget request.

We walked away feeling confident, but I still worried about the final decision. But that's just who I am, a worrier. I knew however, that I provided them with as much information as possible for them to make an informed decision about approving our budget.

A week and a half ago, I was preparing to visit my friend for Easter break, so I was multitasking between packing my suitcase and checking my email before I had to haul my butt down to the Greyhound bus station.

And there it was.

The budget decision letter we've been waiting for.

Long story short, we got $5,160 from our fabulous Unified Student Government Association [USGA] in order to print three monthly issues of the LUChameleon for the Fall 2012 semester.

Granted, we didn't get our $386 that we also requested for 15 magazine racks. But I could care less. WE HAVE MONEY TO PRINT.

Ever since then, the staff and I have been working nonstop to prepare for the printing transition in the fall. We're hiring; in fact, we have a whole new masthead! And I have already got our billing info solidified.

I am ecstatic at this point. The entire staff is ecstatic.

To us, printing the Chameleon means a whole lot more than just printing 24 pages of a magazine each month.

We are no longer just a "webzine," which is what we were when we first started back in November. Now we are a full-fledged magazine, publishing content with two mediums.

We're taken seriously enough to have funding given to us by USGA.

Good Lord, I'd never thought I'd see the day.

I've dreamed of this ever since the Chameleon was started.'s finally happened.

MY BABY IS GOING TO PRINT. They grow up so fast.


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  • Good luck! There is nothing like the real thing of holding something to read in your hands, sans a Kindle.

    I remember at LU when they found enough money to make a real FM radio station. Slam the door to the studio too hard and you went off the air, but at least we were ON the air.

    Read all about it -- in you hands!

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