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Best Bathing Suits for 2013

Best Bathing Suits for 2013
Beach season is finally upon us people! Us Chicagoans can brush off our old speedos and do away with the snow suits – for now. When the weather heats up, Chitown basically loses their shit. Patio day drinking and rooftop pools become priority and people just generally become even more batshit crazy than normal. Everyone... Read more »

Beauty Edition: Hair Mask

I love having spa days and having them at home isn’t as difficult as one would think. Every week, I’ll put out a new at home remedy for all things beauty related which you can try out and love with me!     This hair mask is not only bomb.com, it’s cheap as dirt.   1/2... Read more »

Gym Fashion One oh-- What the F@!%

Sometimes I get a little bored on the machines at the gym, so I start to take notice in my surroundings. I have encountered some rather intriguing things lately. Things that shouldn’t even matter in the gym. This is just so interesting that I have to say something. Excuse me, but what the actual fuck... Read more »

How to Dress for Thanksgiving without Giving a .... (but Still Look Good)

Considering the holiday season is rapidly approaching, I figured I should post some fashion faves I’ve been into this season. This isn’t your basic holiday essentials such as a peplum dress or hounds tooth shirts though. I’m talking about dressing down (way down) but still looking like you weren’t picked up off lower Wacker and... Read more »