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FND Films of YouTube is Making a Movie!

Nowadays it seems that to be deemed a “YouTube Star” one doesn’t have to possess too much star quality. A product review or a gloriously timed fall might throw one into Youtube Stardom for life. But what about the people that possess star quality on YouTube and ACTUAL LIFE? Well, that’s when I think of... Read more »

Why March is the #1 Worst Month of the Year.

Out of all 12 months, I think I decided I loathe March the most.   January – NEW YEAR, LET’S GET IT! (Still on the NYE resolution high) February- Unless your THAT depressed that you don’t have a significant other, February is cute. March- ……weird….. April- My birthday / Something to look forward to May-... Read more »

Got a Case of: Bitch Face

I’ve been diagnosed with a case of Bitch Face. Join me and my fellow sufferers as we conquer this together. Everyone knows that girl or guy (typically a girl) that just looks pissed. 80% of the time. As you wonder why these ungrateful people wander before you, ever think that THEY CAN’T HELP IT? It... Read more »