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Lash Lowdown: All About Eyelash Extensions

Like most women, I have a love for the beauty industry and all the bells, whistles, and lip gloss that come along with it. Also like most women, I’m notoriously usually running late due to this love of beauty. Regardless of the function and the importance of it, it seems that it’s increasingly becoming more difficult for... Read more »

To Stalk, or to Block, That is the Question

  You’re clicking. You’re staring. You’re clicking. You’re staring. You’re clicking. You’re NOT BLINKING. You’re clicking (is that a bead of sweat that just sprouted on your forehead?) You’re clicking. You’re now sweating (that was a sweat bead!) You’re still clicking somehow even though your body is in a rigor mortis type state. ENOUGH! Today’s topic... Read more »

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Life Today - Good Vibes Only

  In March 2013 I decided I wanted to live in a way that I haven’t before. I had a great life and was happy, but as human intent would have it, I wanted more. (We want more, we want more!) I set out on a journey. A journey to better my outlook, myself, and... Read more »

Why March is the #1 Worst Month of the Year.

Out of all 12 months, I think I decided I loathe March the most.   January – NEW YEAR, LET’S GET IT! (Still on the NYE resolution high) February- Unless your THAT depressed that you don’t have a significant other, February is cute. March- ……weird….. April- My birthday / Something to look forward to May-... Read more »

How to Dress for Thanksgiving without Giving a .... (but Still Look Good)

Considering the holiday season is rapidly approaching, I figured I should post some fashion faves I’ve been into this season. This isn’t your basic holiday essentials such as a peplum dress or hounds tooth shirts though. I’m talking about dressing down (way down) but still looking like you weren’t picked up off lower Wacker and... Read more »

The Best Things in Fall are Free (Almost)

    It’s too perfect. Scarves and boots, crisp leaves, and football. Fall is a fan favorite of many midwesterners not only because the beauty of our surroundings, but the many fun activities to get into. Apple picking is no longer a thing of 1994, so take a look my list of favorite cheap Fall... Read more »