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Like most women, I have a love for the beauty industry and all the bells, whistles, and lip gloss that come along with it. Also like most women, I’m notoriously usually running late due to this love of beauty. Regardless of the function and the importance of it, it seems that it’s increasingly becoming more difficult for women to just be on time these days. Luckily, there are ways to combat this age old problem by cutting down the getting ready process, without sacrificing looking our best.

I've always been a lash girl; something about feminine, feathered lashes is so intriguing and will pull an entire look together. I usually wear false lashes when I go out or individuals if I’m feeling like spicing it up mid-week. With all the publicity and information circulating about eyelash extensions lately, I found I was a perfect candidate and wanted to try them out myself. Not only did I want to check out the hype, I wanted to weigh in on the time saving ability these puppies have to offer. I had the opportunity to get them done professionally by Joanna Colon aka the Pro Extensionist in Algonquin, IL and couldn't be happier.

Joanna is a professional Stylist, Hair & Eyelash Extension Specialist who serves clients in the Chicago and NW Suburban area who has glowing reviews and competitive prices.

I walked into Joanna's salon suite, filled out a few papers and we discussed what lashes I was interested in. I wanted a more natural look, just like my own lashes but longer, healthier, sexier, prettier, flirtier; ya know, the usual daily demands. I rested on the cushioned chair, tape was put under my eyes, and we got this glam party started!

The lashes Joanna uses are semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions and the process involves attaching a single lash to your natural lash using a bonding agent. During the process I was able to just relax and talk with Joanna. She is incredibly easy to get along with, and her personality made the experience that much more enjoyable. You literally just lay there. Note: I have really spastic eyelids and always have. Makeup artists usually have to tell to stop fluttering, and I obliviously think I’m being rock steady. I was worried this might affect the lash process, but a casual lid spasm wasn't going to hold Joanna back from a perfect application.

I got my lash extensions 2 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE them. Real life examples I’ve experienced so far:

  1. The dentist assistant said (direct quote) -“You look really good today! You usually look tired and like you don’t want to talk to anyone, but today you look really awake!” FYI – I didn’t look good and I wasn’t awake, it was the magic of the lashes. Thumbs up for looking good and awake!
  2. My eyebrow girl said “You have ridiculously long eyelashes.” I of course replied that they were extensions. She said, “Wow, they are so natural. I can’t even tell and I do lash extensions.”
  3. My boyfriend said I was an ugly crier after I shed a few tears a la no reason. Looking in the mirror expecting a full blown raccoon eye mess, I was pleasantly surprised how actually fab I looked. Because you don’t have to wear mascara with the lash extensions, you avoid the dripping black war paint effect. Ugly crying never looked so good.



 Before: Life of a Bald Eye / After: Watch Me Blink B#%&H

It is super crucial you go to someone who is completely knowledgeable about their craft, professional, and understands your needs as a client. I mean these are eyes were talking about here. You might need them someday.

The eyelash extensions last up to 2 months or all year long with routine fill ins (touch ups) about every 4 weeks. They are very natural, light weight and can be customized based on the client’s personal preference ranging from a very natural set to a fuller dramatic look. They follow the growth of your natural lashes and will eventually shed, as that is what your God given lashes do now. So far I haven’t noticed any of them falling out or feel a difference other than they sometimes hit my glasses when I wear them due to their long length. Not complaining.

I will be back to get them filled with Joanna in a few weeks and I absolutely recommend her and her services! Not only does she just do lashes, she’s a brow wiz and hair extension pro as well. She specializes in 5 different hair extension methods competitively priced compared to most professional salons.

Check out Joanna's info here and book today (Elk Grove location will be open for appointment beginning Nov. 1)!

Joanna Colon (Owner)

Social Media: FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @proextensionist

Telephone: 312-498-7542

Booking: or 312-498-7542


Joanna's Hair & Lash Extensions

2316 Esplanade Drive, Suite 106

Algonquin, IL 60152



Joanna's Hair & Lash Extensions

1104 W. Devon Ave, Suite 108

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


"Whether you are looking for new fuller eyelash extensions, adding length and body to your hair with long lasting hair extensions, or a cut and color, my hope is that you enjoy your experience as much as I do. Through both ambiance and service I will help you feel relaxed and indulged as we work together to discover your unique hair needs." --Joanna, Pro Extensionist

With all the beauty services now known and available to us, I think we might just have a prayer on walking through the door with minutes to spare. Now only if we can figure out a way to part the traffic on 90 in and outbound, then we’ll officially be able to coin the phrase “fashionably early.” ;)



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    I think girls with long eyelashes are more attractive. Not that I'm saying short eyelashes are less attractive however looking at the ladies going after eyelash extension course in Sydney, I should say I'm not 100% wrong.

  • I went with Xtreme Lashes by, and they were applied by the talented. It’s been about a week, so I feel that I’m well acquainted with them. They are not for the wash-and-go kind of gal, but they are amazing.

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