4 Things Women Needed to Stop Doing Yesterday

Women, although we are perfect, we should quit a few things. Let us reflect.

1. Showing insecurities

We all have things about ourselves which we're insecure about, it's natural. Most insecurities are aesthetic, such as the always common, "I'm fat." We rarely hear people say, "I'm not an active listener; I subconsciously wait just for my turn to speak, instead of hearing what someone has to say." Understandable; humans are vapid creatures. The way we go about these insecurities not only defines who we are, it also defines how actually fucking annoying we are. If you're an "I'm fat" kind of complainer, I think you know the logical solution. Step away from the Ho-Hos and get on a treadmill. If you complain an evidently don't do anything about it, I'm sure you can figure out what people's reactions to that will be. Quit bitching and do something. Always progress and keep pushing yourself for better.

Relationships are tough. Even if we don't feel at peace with our current situation, that is no excuse to get all bat-shit-single-white-female-cray on everyone's ass. Damn girl, I'm just talking to your crush, who happens to be my childhood friend, we're not going to randomly break out into hardcore PDA; you don't need to clench on to his arm and transform into a human backpack.

We are all insecure deep down, we just don't always have to present it to the world. Fake it ‘til you make it sista.


2.Living in a virtual world

Odds are, you don't reside in Pleastantview and unfortunately, Mortimer Goth isn't your next door neighbor. (Is my inner gamer showing?) There is a fine line between fantasy and reality, if we’re lucky and/or have half a brain, we won't fail to know the difference. We brand ourselves in the way we want to be perceived, obviously we're not going to show unflattering sides of ourselves, but we have to understand that social media isn't life.

You've probably gone too far if you:

1. You find yourself putting on an outfit solely to take a picture, then put your XXL sweats back on.

3. Take a picture of your equipment at the gym, "3 plates on leg press baby!" Only to remove 2 plates once the picture has been posted. #BEASTMODE. Also, posting your calories burned. Like 300 calories is pretty standard for a 30 minute light elliptical sesh, you didn't perform brain surgery, why are you praising yourself in your photo caption.

3. Post books when you don't even read. You are so philosophical! What's the point of this though, for real. This isn't Fantasygram, this is Instagram. It's instant. What's happening instantly. Maybe you post it because it's who you who you aspire to be? But you're pretending that it's... right now?

4. Quotes like "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." Yeah, I don't think Buddha meant talking shit with your friends all day and not holding open the door for strangers. Practice what you preach!

5. If you actually study with your laptop open, hazelnut latte lightly steaming, lavender candle dimly lit, fuzzy slippers perfectly crossed, in a visually stimulating organized little frame then I just harshly question you.

3. You do full hair and makeup only for a selfie, pose for a few hours, strain your back in the process, and hope to get one sultry image of yourself in your camera roll. We all take 'em, but getting ready for a date with your iphone seems a bit much.

(I once heard a theory that the walls of Hell are comprised with failed selfies as wallpaper. *Shuddering at that thought*)

Portraying a fake version of yourself can take a lot of effort. Living or trying to compete in a world that doesn't exist won't lead us anywhere worth going. For sure show the cool shit you discover along the way, but don't forget to focus on the real thing.


How Instagram functions. not OC, but I dunno artists' name, found it on my fb feed.. MERE A FUNNY FEELE DH NIGHT In H HIHIHI FIR . BLISS!!!

3. Settling

Don't settle for people who do nothing for you. Some women feel the need to have a significant other, only because they're lonely and basically don't want to eat lunch by themselves. Eat the sandwich by yourself. You'll be alright. Why hang out with some dude only to have forced convo and watch a show you don't even want to when you could be sprawled on the couch with zit cream on your face and watching Bravo? It's a win-win.

You might feel outside pressure to socialistically evolve aka get married and pop out some kids. If that's not your goal right now, don't feel bad! Tell mom to tone it down and don’t loathe those engagement photos taken in the neighborhood park on Facebook, it's not your path right now, embrace your own way!

If you’re not happy, being cheated on, cheating, don’t really like the significant other, break it off. Planning a wedding and a divorce seems like a lot more work than just ending it. Know your worth and act on it!


4. Thinking your Desires are Unattainable

Through work, dedication, and talent what we can achieve is beyond measure. Don't like your job? Get a better one. Don't like your nose? Get a nose job. Not enough money for that? Learn to contour it with makeup. Don't like something? Change it. It’s a fairly simple concept. "But..." "I can't..." "This won't -- "Shhhhh. You want it, or you don't. Don't take no for an answer and establish a goal, make a plan, and execute. A great dream is not as good as a great memory.


Honorable mention: We should stop squatting in pictures, why is that such a strong reflex when we see the camera go up!?


Considering we do run the world, we should stop doing such insensible things.




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