Details on Wrigleyville's 2013 TBOX

Details on Wrigleyville's 2013 TBOX

As Chicagoans, we know our city kills it in ways that other cities just...don't. I mean, who else has a home team thats been the butt of jokes the past 100 years, but somehow still manages to sell out tons of stadiums around the nation? Rallies millions to celebrate in the streets to celebrate a Stanley Cup victory? Who else experiences the harshest winters to date and still carries on and resides here, only to be welcomed by the warm embrace of the sunshiny rays a few months after? We know hardships. We know winter. We are cultured. We are amazing. We know how to throw good parties.


Ok. You guys get it. Chi knows how to get down.  This city knows that holiday parties shouldn't just be limited to black tie cocktail affairs hosted at Trump. Chicago knows that we don't want to always be dressed to the nines sipping champagne. Sometimes, it's fun to act like college students even when were 35, with all our boys, spilling foamy beer down our shirts with our eyes crossed. Chicago understands that it's perfectly acceptable to do so every so often. In costume. In Wrigleyville. That is why TBOX was created.



Here's what TBOX means and how it came about:

"TBOX (SM) stands for… (T)welve (B)ars (O)f (X)mas, an annual event held the Second Saturday in December in the Wrigleyville Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It started out as just another Pub Crawl, and over the years has evolved into one of the largest and most spectacular events of its kind in the world. The event was founded in 1996 by Chicagoan Christopher Festa as a “just for fun” event for a few of his friends from work, and has grown from about 60 people the first year to one of the most successful events of its kind in the world.  TBOX2013, the 18th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas, is being held on Saturday, December 14, 2013. The Theme of TBOX2013 is “AIR TBOX”, and it is being produced as a benefit for Lakeview Pantry."

It's basically your average bar crawl for oh say, a birthday, or bachelor party or something, plus a few thousand people.
Why should you go?


"The Theme for This Year’s TBOX is… AIR TBOX – The World’s Wildest Airline! We will be partying in Wrigleyville as pilots, stewardesses, dressing like Top Gun, Airplane, Catch Me if You Can, Snakes on a Plane, Pan Am, and we will be all about landing strips, the full upright position, patdowns, the mile high club, first class, baggage handling, and everything about Flying."

Excuse me!? If that doesn't scream wear whatever the fuck you want and blackout then I don't know what does! Airline/Christmas/SNAKES ON A PLANE!? Possibilities are so endless. Everyone knows I'm an advocate of creative costumes and going all out. As unimpressed I was with the public's Halloween costumes this year, I'm expecting a better costume turn up at TBOX. No holding back!



"The Twelve Bars of Xmas has also become one of the Midwest's GREATEST SINGLES EVENTS, and it could be the perfect place for you to meet the Love of Your Life, perhaps while wearing one of our notorious-but-effective "I AM NOT IN A COMMITTED MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP", "WHY DON'T WE MAKE OUT RIGHT NOW AND GET IT OVER WITH", or "I AM SINGLE, VERY VERY SINGLE" stickers!  TBOX has led to dozens of marriages (hmmm... and probably a few future TBOX'ers along the way!) but most of all, it's helped thousands of people make new friends and create some amazing memories!"

Maybe your sloppy drunk makeout is the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. DON'T MISS OUT.



Apparently, there's a tradition of getting cereal poured into your mouth. Think Grey Goose getting poured into your mouth at Vegas' Wet Republic. Except this is cereal. In Wrigleyville.


As you can see, there are many reasons to attend this great holiday event.

If those weren't reasons enough, yours truly (me) will be working at Casey Moran's with some of my friends and the folks we worked Lollapalooza with. Stop in and come see us and show some ChicagoNow love and Christmas cheer!!


All the info you need is right here:



See you next Saturday, December 14!



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