What I think about E!'s Eric and Jessie: Game On


So there's this show on E! called Eric and Jessie: Game On. It premiered in September on the Sunday night lineup after the Kardashians. Seeing promos for this show made me roll my eyes. Who? I definitely thought this was one of those shows where people paid to have a show on a network. (That does happen, all the time, actually.)  People that pay to have a show on the air (or pitch their basic idea) are type of people believe they have a spark of the "it factor" when in actuality they don't have anything that different from anyone else. They don't do anything. Another Generation Y problem of expecting things without working and earning. Getting praised to do NOTHING (partying? You living your "wild" life?) does seem nice, but substance is nicer. Don't people want to have hobbies and passions anymore? ANYWHO, we as an American society have proven to love those types of shows, reality TV is wildly more popular vs. scripted these days.



Naturally, I watched this show and... I love it. It's not often I find myself raving publicly about a show, let alone people in general. Eric Decker is a handsome wide receiver on the Denver Broncos and his finance is Jessie James, a mini beauty with a powerhouse voice who sings country music. The show follows the couple as they live their lives in Denver, try to balance their careers, but mostly about planning their upcoming nuptials and introducing friends and family, (like Jessie's 22 year old virgin sister, Sydney) along the way. Sounds standard for a show, but there is something that stands out with this show.


There is a breath of fresh air and organicness (is that a word?)  in this that seemingly has vanished within other programming. Kim Kardashian wakes up with a face full of MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation, dramatic lashes, winged liner perfectly in tact and contour to match? No. That's why I don't like that show.  Housewives wear 6 inch Louboutins to the grocery store. No. Goodbye. I prefer when the Kardashians lived in Calabasas and would laugh on camera awkwardly. Or when the Laguna Beach kids would blatantly be drinking vodka out of a water bottle and chasing with diet coke in the backseat of a car scene. Less facade.


Jessie is clearly a looker, in her interview scenes, she's done up super glam, lips perfectly pouted. Other than that, shes pretty much wearing a baggy t shirt and sweats around the house and town. It's refreshing. Eric is obviously hot, standing at 6'3 with an athletic build, he doesn't ham it up around the cam or try to act in a certain manner, he's just there, chillin and livin.



The love between the two is incredibly evident and they just get lost in each other, it's fun to see. Jessie's ADDish behavior (ADDers what up!) is just natural and I love it! Not shy about expressing her sexual yearn for Eric 24/7 and showing her true self, chewing with her mouth open, taking pregnancy tests, like I said it's different and not strategically perfect. The show reminds me of 2003's Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Jessie and Jessica Simpson are both sexy singers, from the south, and both series follows their new life as fiances and newlyweds. I, along with millions of others I'M SURE loved Newlyweds. Jessica never wore makeup, she always was in pajamas, burped all the time, and iconically thought chicken was from the sea. You just can't write that shit.



In Sunday's series finale of Eric and Jessie, they had their dream wedding. A gorgeous ceremony in Denver with family and friends complete with authentic Lousinia crawfish boil and an original song sang by Jessie, entitled "I Do."


The couple announced in September that they were expecting a baby, and last week they reviled it would be a girl! Wishing the best for the cute couple and their lil one, and they better not break up, because people will be pissed. Break that reality show couple curse, guys!


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