Beauty in the Breakdown: Inside Celebrity Breakdowns

Beauty in the Breakdown: Inside Celebrity Breakdowns

Celebrity scandals! I love 'em. You love 'em. We all love 'em. The beauty of Twitter is that it's real time streaming life, from anyone. Amanda Bynes definitely has the people talking as you may have heard, her Twitter account gaining more that 1.5 million followers in recent weeks. The updates from her are insanely epic, which makes me think maybe the need for publicists will be on the rise.

Amanda Bynes has been around for awhile. Gaining her start on Nikelodeon and providing laughs from All That to The Amanda Show, her career looked promising. She made some movies and shows post her Nickelodeon days and claimed retirement at age 24. An odd statement for someone of her age. A DUI shortly followed in 2012, and she left LA and began a new life in New York. As seen by the world, she started tweeting obscenities such as:

bynes drake

Ok Amanda.


And pictures like:

bynes selfie


This is a class A public breakdown kids. She was arrested the other day and apparently whipped a bong out the window, and now is claiming it was a vase and she was sexually assaulted by the NYPD. Whatever Bynes. As civilians leading everyday lives, we embrace it. Celebrities are disposable, here merely for entertainment. When they aren't cute, they act out, they grow up.. they tend to fade away and the new, better thing comes along. Like clockwork.

This is standard child star breakdown behavior. The cutie from Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, Mara Wilsonwrote an article 7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy (An Insider's Perspective) which is a great article with insight that makes sense.

The psychological state of these kids making the transition into adulthood isn't an easy one when they don't know where their career is going or what to do next. Generally they've been typcasted in one way or another and I can picture it being lack of direction after they grow up in addition to being a cash cow for the adults which surround them. I used to dance 7 hours a day, 6 days a week my whole life up until college, when I first had free time it was like "what is time, what do I do?" It's a strange transition as I'm sure student athletes and people involved in extra curriculars face, kind of an identity crisis / no direction in a way after it's over. For child actors I can imagine it being something like that, on an obviously much larger global scale, with a strong desire to "prove" something (they are not like their characters; i.e. STEPHANIE TANNER.)

I recently googled the absolute shit out of 80s star Corey Haim (rest in peace), and his story is a sad one. Unfortunately, deemed typical in the industry, this is sad situation. He was a successful child star, put in the hands of some sick handlers, molested, drug abuse began at a young age, and he never really grew up emotionally. No friends, no career, and living with his mother, Haim died alone. No one at the height of his success was there anywhere close to his final days. Him and his Lost Boys partner in crime Corey Feldman starred in a show The Two Coreys in 2007, where they address issues they've had growing up in Hollywood. There are interviews on YouTube of him in the height of his career in his teens, clearly high as a kite and obviously feeling invincible. Sad what became of him.

As far as today's fuck ups, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, I doubt it will end up pretty. We as the public are enablers though. Amanda Bynes' follower count has risen rapidly and people are tweeting her around the clock "applauding" her behavior, making pictures like this:
bynes nyc

bynes queen

She's not okay, but as the way of the world works, we'll just kick back and wait to view the next child star tragedy. Because as we all know, they are disposable.


Who do you think will be next? Bieber? Selena? Zack and Cody? Are they even kids anymore?


BREAKING: Amanda Bynes tweeted THIS super sweet message the other day: "@rihanna Chris brown beat you beacause you're not pretty enough"


Then 16 hours ago she tweeted a picture of her and Rihanna: "This is a mocked up image I found on the internet that I LOVE! @rihanna! She's such a beauty!"


I can't.


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