Shop Smarter, Shop Better!

Shop Smarter, Shop Better!

For young 20 something's like myself, it's not always in the budget to purchase high end decor and gifts for others and ourselves as much as we'd love to. I’m constantly looking for knacks that I can use for décor in my room and home, and sometimes stores like Home Goods and Big Lots (which are considered low prices) sometimes just don’t suffice. Maybe now isn’t the time to shell out $50 for a statue of a cat with a chef hat on for your kitchen. You think to yourself as you browse the shelves, do I really want to buy this? Or do I really need this? Never doubt yourself again, because now you are aware of this amazing website with stuff just like what you look for, but all under $20. Oh you don’t know? Well now ya do. is this fabulous website that has knacks, clothes, gifts, you name it, all for under $20 each. They also have way cuter stuff than cat statues with chef hats on by the way. I found this adorbs wine holder that serves as not only a conversation starter, but it boosts the kitchen cuteness factor as well. I have seen these around town at TjMaxx and other stores, but I never really had this extreme sudden urge to make that purchase, most likely because of the price. This is one awesome piece that, of course, is under 20 bucks. Break open a bottle of wine without breaking the bank with this adorable High Heel Shoe Wine Bottle Holder, and for only 19.99, it really is a steal. It's perfect for someone who is fashion conscious, or just looking to spice up their place. Shop Under 20 provides unique gift ideas to athletic clothes (which I’ll get into more about next week) and it most definitely is a site to check out for any occasion. Loving it!



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