Why March is the #1 Worst Month of the Year.

Out of all 12 months, I think I decided I loathe March the most.


January - NEW YEAR, LET'S GET IT! (Still on the NYE resolution high)

February- Unless your THAT depressed that you don't have a significant other, February is cute.

March- ......weird.....

April- My birthday / Something to look forward to

May- So close to summer! Suns brighter, smells fresher, ya know.

June- Beach season is upon us!

July- 4th of July! Boats 'n hoes! 'MERICA.

August- Hot, sunny, fun

September- Back into the schedule, fall fashion comes into play

October- ghouls, goblins, haunted houses, hayrides, need I actually say more?

November- Thanksgiving, family, friends

December- Holiday parties, lots going on.



Here are some really important reasons why March is stupid:


A. The only thing to look forward to is St. Pattys Day celebrations. I'm not even the biggest fan of day drinking, but I do like dressing up and poppin off with my peeps. I'd rather just have a night out that's fun though than look at green beer and people passed out on the L. Chi-rishhhhhhh.


B. Weather. I realize I'm in Chicago and I should just accept it, but we all bitch about the weather every year, and 2013 ain't no different. Seriously. Why does it look like freaking Dark Knight Rises outside everyday, my retinas hurt. Can we drop a few palms onto Mich Ave or something? Spice up the streets? Do I have seasonl depression? Bueller?


C. March Madness is fun if there's teams you care about or your bracket is killing it, which is typically never the case for me.


Mothafuckin D. Aprils not that fun either. April showers bring May flowers? Lame. The next few months sound... exciting.


E. Spring Break isn't really a real thing after age 22. Maybe a little Miami trip breaks up the March blues, but SB is a thing of the past when everyones old as shit. Kids: really embrace those Panama City Beach Super 8 Motel balcony beer bongs.


Call me crazy, call me crabby, whatever.  But call me correct. Because you agree with me. March is basically the loser of all months and until a leprechaun physically slides down a rainbow and presents me with 6 figures + in gold than you can't convince me otherwise. HAPPY MARCH.



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