Wig or Without?

I literally am trying to wrack my brain to think of a reason we wouldn't need wigs in this day and age. I can list the top 5 reasons right now:

1. Change up your look

2. Costume parties are alive and thriving

3. In theater, you need a top notch wig for performances

4. Therapeutic reasons, sometimes in life we are dealt an unfortunate hand and have to deal appropriately, this is a common solution

5. Because the caliber of your Halloween store wig just doesn't suffice for your Ronald McDonald costume or your Saturday night out


These are my top 5 reasons you could benefit from rocking a nice wig and/or stash. There are many uses for one to need a wig and truth be told, whatever your needs are, you need to look on point. Jerome Krause Fashionhair in Skokie is your established Chicago one stop shop. Their motto? "You'll never see anyone wearing a Jerome Krause hairpiece." Boom. Custom made and ready to wear looks is their area of expertise and they even have celebrity clientele (which is obviously crucial considering the media will scrutinize your choice of mop if it isn't top of the line.) I'm big into theatrical performances and costume parties as well so you better believe I'm a fan.

If you ever do decide to have a classic Britney meltdown or just want to wow the crowd at your Friday night mixer, then check out Jerome Krause Fashionhair, and they've got your head covered. Literally.


don't let bad hair happen to you



Happy Friday!




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