when you can't DIY

Since the rise of Pinterest, college dorms and mother's kitchens alike has taken on a new form of WA BAM! Do it yourself projects and innovative creations have infiltrated the homes of millions. Some projects you can't just whip up yourself though. You need a professional. It will result in disaster if not taken the proper precautions.


The struggle is real..


The Stripp Joynt Chicago Woodworking Shop can help you when you think your DIY dreams are shattered, they know what's up. (No, strippers are not provided with installation.) Hardwood floors roughed up? No problem. Cabinets have seen better days in 1987? They'll handle it. Window trim is just not providing you with the ambiance you need?! You get me. They can do it.

I've seen people try to do these types of projects themselves and let me tell you, it's not pretty. Unless of course you know what you're doing, then I say carpe diem, but until then call up the professionals.



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