Moving in Chicago

WOO! Moving season is upon us! What's moving season?! The time when everyone wants to flee to Miami because it's so cold in Chicago! I kid, I kid. I love Chicago and even its bipolar weather.

The city is alive and well with people starting to look for locations in the city. People want to be moved in and settled by May it seems, just in time for "Summer time Chi" (That's what the kids are calling it these days.) For those of you looking to relocate within the Chicago, I suggest a professional and knowledgeable realty group. While looking for some property in River North, I used Pearson Realty Group, it's super convenient and I'm able to narrow down my search tailored to what I'm looking for. Relators who work tireless with you are key, and the last thing you want is to be caught with a slimy used car salesman-esque realtor, because I'm telling you, they are certainly out there.

One of my friends when talking about relocating was talking about the "aesthetics" she needs to have in order to make the move. Whether you're looking for a luxuriously aesthetically pleasing environment or looking for a place with a dive bar underneath, it's all about executing the difference and getting just that. Someone that knows wanting a 3 flat vs. a high rise with a door man are equally as fabulous and that people just have different preferences. Realtors that understand the market and your exact needs are prime time, so definitely be wise in your choice to not waste your time with non professionals.


We gon' run this town tonight




Good luck on your search for your new digs!


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