The 90s and the Dell: A Tale of Internet Explorer

Check out Internet Explorer's new campaign.

I freaking love the 90s. The overalls, the pogs, and the Bop magazine posters that hung on my wall, flippin love it. I am the target demographic for this campaign, born in 1989. I think majority of people born between 1985-1995 can probably resonate which each nostalgic item posted up on this video. While watching, I almost forget what the campaign is actually offering while I smiled to myself gazing upon Lisa Frank folders. Oh. Internet Explorer? Interesting.

This is a tough category of competition. It is virtually impossible to compete with Apple in this day and age. Apple could run a 30 second spot with a blank white screen that reads "Apple" in the last 4 seconds and their products will sell. That is just how loyal their consumers are. People don't take their brand loyalty lightly. Truth be told, Apple users just typically don't use Internet Explorer. But we can't forget the non Mac users of today, so I ask you this: IE got the people talking, but is that enough to save face? I say thank you for the memories Mr. Vault, but majority will stick with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Until a better product is formulated, advertising alone just will not suffice. It will be interesting to see if our old pal Internet Explorer has in fact surpassed our expectations in trial review as well as if we see any growth in sales based off this 90s themed campaign.

Twitter got in on the fun when THE Internet Explorer himself tweeted this from his account:

@IE: This is why you went goth in high school. You grew up. So did we. #Childofthe90s



They invite the public to get in on the action by tweeting #childofthe90s. What does this have to do with a browser you ask? Not sure, I was too busy looking at people who posted pics of their tamagotchis.


How do you feel about the blast from the past advertisements? Do you have faith that our revamped 5th grade computer lab colleague will run with the big dogs? (clifford perhaps?) or have you just been prompted to dust off your old Hanson cd? Either way, the age old question still lingers on: Who REALLY let the dogs out?

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