Top 10 Reasons to See Breaking Dawn 2 / Twilight / That Children's Vampire Movie

The year is 2008. My friends and I had left a party and are waiting for the L. While we wait for the train to approach, The Chicago stop is suddenly engulfed by kids in glitter wearing colored contacts and character t shirts and jumping around giddily. The question of "Why are children 10+ years of age running around the streets of Chicago at 330 am?" arose. Much to our surprise, a Team Edward and Team Jacob chant broke out right before our very eyes! The midnight showing of Twilight had just ended.

Right then and there my friends and I knew this thing was about to be big. Just how big? Well 5 years and revenue of a bajillion dollars in the box office later, I think it's safe to say "big" is an understatement.



1. Hello. This cast is hot. Seriously.

For the ladies: Tall, sensual, glittering dudes with bouffants aren't your thing? Try on Jacob Black for size. This 20 year old wolf has the pearly whites, deep brown eyes, and hard body to match. AWOOO! Not on either team? Brothers Jasper and Emmett can help you with that. Jasper has the jawline, style, and personality to match while Emmett is goofy and has a decent body. Decent meaning: move over Magic Mike.

For the dragged boyfriends/dads/friend zoned friends/guys: Bella looks good. I think she looks the best she ever has. Must be a new weave. Whatever it is, Vampire looks good on her. Rosalie has the blonde locks, great bod, and even her cold as ice (pun intended) persona can't bring down her hotness. Alice has a petite figure, cute pixie haircut, and possesses a heart of gold. Cousins Irina, Tanya, and Kate are the three hot blondes that are fierce, stylish, and have the "it" factor. All these girls are straight dimes.

Well, hello.


2. Action. Sure, this isn't The Matrix, but there is some cool special effects and some violence to keep the non-sappy viewers content. There is also some other "action" that fortifies the love of Edward and Bella. Unfortunately though, there are some second-rate effects that left me slightly disappointed (the baby?) I mean if the Olsen Twins could do it in their day, I'm sure we can find a decent kid to put on screen for a few scenes.

3. Edward and Bella. They're cute. They're married now. They're in love. They have a gorgeous daughter. What a great couple! I just couldn’t shake the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal from the summer out of my head though. (HOW COULD SHE?!)

4. One Liners. Emmett and Jacob are usually the more sarcastic, dry humored characters of the bunch, and I never fail to appreciate their little quips. "A little pre-battle bonfire" -Jacob Black.

5. The Style. I commend the wardrobe and makeup on this film. Even in the most intense of moments I found myself thinking, "I wonder what eye shadow Alice is wearing here." The style even just adds to the sexiness of the characters. While all dressed in muted cool tones and paired with those amazingly structured pea coats? The guys were smokin'. The girls of course wore the best vests, boots, and accessories.

6. Opinions. Since the Team Edward / Team Jacob argument has died down, the question of, "Is Jacob's imprint creepy?" has been immensely popular. In my honest opinion, for different reasons, I say no. It is not creepy.

7. Evil. The Volturi are enforcers of vampire law, but I think there are some seriously deep rooted issues with these "people". They have zero issues with snapping necks and taking names. (And setting the lone head on fire to dispose of evidence and create dramatic effect).

8. The Twist. OH THE TWIST! There were people in my theater throwing popcorn at the screen, screaming, and bawling at the same time. That may or may not have been me... really throws you for a loop!

9. It's the Last One. It's the last part of the series. Think of it this way, you'll never be dragged to another one again. Soak it in! If you were into the series, the ending will get ya. I think it is even more emotional for people because this is 5 years+ of their lives. They have some emotional attachment to it which makes it even harder to stomach now that it's finally complete. HOW WILL WE GO ON?! I thought it would've been cool if they ended it with, "All because a lion fell in love with a lamb." on the ending screen. *SPOILER* they didn't.

 10. Edward Cullen. Enough Said.


Twihards and non-fans alike can enjoy this film. Even someone who has never seen any of them can probably get a quick synopsis and still somewhat understand the content. I enjoyed it and I think it was a satisfying ending to an outrageously successful and iconic piece in pop culture. What did you think?


“I know what you are.” “Say it.” “Vampire.”




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