Nonfatal Attraction

After watching The Social Network, I realized something interesting, odd even. Aside from the obvious Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss natural sexiness, I'm attracted to one twin over the other. Granted this is bizarre on a count of they're played by the SAME DUDE. Armie Hammer plays both of them, so why do I gravite towards one over the other?



                 It's all about the hair.


Their hair is an obvious way to tell them apart in the movie, but something about Tyler's bouffant, fohawk, messy hair makes me take a second glance, literally. I usually like guys to have some kind of hair, preferably when it looks like it naturally just looks casual and perfect, even after it's styled. Pauly D does not come to mind. This is something completely trivial and random, I just had to talk about it. It just made me think, some reasons (phsyical or not) that attract people to other people are just strange. I know some of my friends will only go for guys with darker features because they simply are not attacted to the blonde hair/blue eyes combo. This is pretty standard, along with height, build, clothes, etc. I used to be the opposite up until very recently that I've been noticing men with dark eyes and hair more then I have in the past. Hmm, who knows. Do you think we grow into tastes? Like how apparently your tastebuds change as you get older? Or so I've heard. (Still waiting for that love of broccoli to kick in.) Many factors play into liking an individual more than friends, but what do you notice right on the spot? Do you have anything out of the ordinary that pulls you in?


"If you had invented Facebook, you would have invented Facebook." -Mark Zuckerberg


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