How to Dress for Thanksgiving without Giving a .... (but Still Look Good)

Considering the holiday season is rapidly approaching, I figured I should post some fashion faves I've been into this season. This isn't your basic holiday essentials such as a peplum dress or hounds tooth shirts though. I'm talking about dressing down (way down) but still looking like you weren't picked up off lower Wacker and brought to dinner.

If you are fortunate enough, your family won't judge you. Especially during holidays! And if they are judging you based on if you busted out your Louboutins for the ol' turkey roast, than that's just unfortunate and I send my deepest condolences.  I myself am a master of dressing down but still can look like I somewhat tried, even though there is a slight (99.9%) chance I didn't. There is no way that I put more than 7 minutes into my outfit for Thanksgiving dinner. Sue me. We also don't typically dress to the nines for this holiday though, so I can get away with it.

Here are some staple items to keep handy for when it is time to pose in some family photos, which ensures that you won't be stalking your computer waiting for that dreaded tag. Look calm, cool, collected, and just an all around desired being with these simple statement pieces:

Stretchy pants- We all know every man is a fan of yoga pants, but they aren't the only ones. I live and die for Victoria's Secret yogas. Leggings as well. Hell, maybe I'll even go for the oh-so-fashionable Pajama Jean this year. (Too far?) Anyone who says you can't wear leggings as pants is wrong and has never lived. Super comfortable and looks better than men's xxl Nike sweats.

Flat Shoes- Pair with a combat boots, knee high boots, or even a basic flat, and you'll be able to drop down Gangnam Style if need be. (I don't know what your family does, but sometimes a random dance off just might break out and you need to be fully prepared.) I usually opt out of the heel game on Thanksgiving.

A White Tee- A basic staple. Don't be afraid to break out a slightly baggy v-neck. Throw on a watch and some accessories with it, bada bing bada boom.

Baggy Sweaters- A necessity, really. Pair with whatever and hellooo you just doubled you food intake. Score!

Scarves- Easiest way to spice up a dull outfit and add texture, color, and dimension. Could also be used as a bib I suppose if you're complete slob. A multiple purpose item.

Bold lip- this is for the "I-didn't-try-but-I-still-want-to-look-fabulous-but-not-like-I'm-trying-that-hard- but-maybe-I-can-get-a-new-profile-picture-today-or-something" kind of look. Colored lips are huge this season, especially plums and deep reds. It instantly adds some zest to your look. The only downfall is you will be eating a lot so you'd probably have to reapply frequently.

So easy, so trendy. If you don't feel the need / don't have to dress up... Don't! Stick to mascara and a tamed messy bun and save the glam for Christmas. That's how I feel anyway. But whether you're in a tuxedo or footie pajamas, I wish everyone a great and safe Thanksgiving filled with football, family, and fun!!



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