Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads... Or Do We?

I'm upset.

Broken promises. Uncertainty. False hope. I'm upset, and I have been for awhile now.

Think of the word future. What do you think of? We were told in Steven Spielberg's 1989 classic, Back to the Future 2 that we would have these sick advancements by 2015 that make our daily lives peachy keen. So what the hell? Where's the robot maids, hoverboards, not to mention...flying cars? Who is in charge here? Can I take this up with someone?

I remember in one of my elementary spelling books (which was written in the 1970s) had an example "it is the year 1999 and we live in a space station..." I laughed because I think it was 1998 at the time. Last time I heard about space stations was in the 1999 Disney film, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. I mean if the world is ending this year can we at least get a space stay to live where the kids have holographic teachers and we have retractable leashes that we could float around space? That would epic MAJOR.

My question is this: did society have unrealistic expectations of future technology or have we surpassed our expectations in a more subtle way? In my opinion, I think a little of both plays in favor. I think this idea originated in the 1950s where the mystery of science fiction was alive and well. The 1950s human race seemingly lived in a suppressed environment with not many outlets to gain information except newspapers, radio, and newly invented TV, and they were manipulated largely by the media of their time. Yes, every day we are manipulated and subjected to thousands of subliminal messages through different technological outlets. We don't always realize, but yet our brain comprehends. I feel the people of this older era were more prone to believing everything they saw and heard because television was a generally new concept. (That is all I'm going to say about this because this will turn into a 10 page entry faster than you can blink, and no one wants that.) Anyway. I feel like when the outbreak of "UFO" sightings became almost a social norm during this time period, people almost wanted to believe this type of thing was real. I think that's what really kicked off the idea of flying cars, living in space, etc.

I do think that we have surpassed our expectations in a subtle manner as I've mentioned before. Do I think an iPad competes with a flying car? Hell no. Do I think that texting, skyping, and our new bff Siri surpasses anything we've ever had in the past? Obviously.

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life" - Oscar Wilde
Here are some in depth (and some eerily correct) advances from Back to the Future Part II that we have in today's world as we know it: 11 Predictions Back to the Future 2 Got Right

Now I am not sure how successful an "Cafe 80's" would be in today's modern world, but to me it seems it would come across a little tacky. I'm also not sure how skateboards rank on the popular transportation list these days, but I just don't see kids bustin' ollie kick flips like they used to. Obviously, making a film 26 years in advance requires a high risk. I mean most people don't know whats going to happen three days from now. Overall though, they express the idea that we could potentially have these advancements by 2015.

When did this idea die? I feel like when everyone was poppin' off about Y2K and doing the Supermarket Sweep grabbing enough water cases to fill Donald Trump's backyard grotto, it seemed all systems go. We could've been potentially living on Mars by now. I guess we have experienced more than we have in past decades lately involving political issues, natural disasters, and the economic decline, so maybe that changed the American mindset. I do kind of miss that optimistic attitude of maybe being somewhere else and living differently than we've ever known. Interestingly enough, the post-apocolyptic plot we've been seeing more frequently in pop culture lately (Hunger Games, and NBC's Revolution) seems that this whole space idea has taken a back seat and the future is back to survival of the fittest. Whatever happens, all I know is I wanna get this future technology thing movin'. I want my own bicentennial man! Space station bedroom! A hoverboard at least! Since I'm not too tech- savvy, I can't get a leg up on the advancements but I can still dare to dream.




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