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Full of Questions: Full House

Full House has been airing week nights on Nik at Nite and in honor of childhood, I’ve been watching. In fact it used to be my favorite show, my family and I would call it “Michelle.” We even told time in Michelle time. “MOM! How much longer?” “2 Michelle’s.” Side note: 90’s kids remember THESE?!:... Read more »

Got a Case of: Bitch Face

I’ve been diagnosed with a case of Bitch Face. Join me and my fellow sufferers as we conquer this together. Everyone knows that girl or guy (typically a girl) that just looks pissed. 80% of the time. As you wonder why these ungrateful people wander before you, ever think that THEY CAN’T HELP IT? It... Read more »

The Best Things in Fall are Free (Almost)

    It’s too perfect. Scarves and boots, crisp leaves, and football. Fall is a fan favorite of many midwesterners not only because the beauty of our surroundings, but the many fun activities to get into. Apple picking is no longer a thing of 1994, so take a look my list of favorite cheap Fall... Read more »

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads... Or Do We?

  I’m upset. Broken promises. Uncertainty. False hope. I’m upset, and I have been for awhile now.   Think of the word future. What do you think of? We were told in Steven Spielberg’s 1989 classic, Back to the Future 2 that we would have these sick advancements by 2015 that make our daily lives peachy keen.... Read more »