Full of Questions: Full House

Full House has been airing week nights on Nik at Nite and in honor of childhood, I've been watching. In fact it used to be my favorite show, my family and I would call it "Michelle." We even told time in Michelle time.

"MOM! How much longer?"
"2 Michelle's."

Side note: 90's kids remember THESE?!:

Chucky got nothin on this

Besides loving/loathing the 90s swag of Full House, I noticed some interesting things.

Uncle Jesse is clearly of Greek decent, embracing his dark hair and (beautiful) dark eyes. In fact, his name Katsopolis became in full effect starting season two. Season one his last name was Cochran, and John Stamos initiated the change to the writers wanting to embrace his heritage.

We saw in a season 1 episode were they are watching a home video of Pam Tanner holding Michelle as a newborn before she passed. She has light hair which is supposed to be where D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle got their features from. Guess what. I still don’t get it. She is supposed to be Jesse's sister and it’s not incredibly common that one would be pure blonde while the brother is extremely dark featured. And I've been to Greek town, I've been to 9 Muses, my hair was light and people sure as hell knew I was a pretend Greek. So no, those kids aren't half Greek. Unless Pam or Jesse were adopted then it would make more sense. Whatever.

Considering Uncle Jesse is Danny Tanner's brother in law, and Danny himself has clearly dark hair and eyes, the obvious question arises: Where do these kids come from?


Logical answer: Joey, you ARE the father!


What if Joey was the actual father? Makes sense why he lived there. The Tanner girls look more like him then their own father. How can he even have a normal adult life in their San Franciscan home? They're not even blood! He barely even has girlfriends or anything either. It just doesn't seem normal. Anyway, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky got married, and they really can't just move down the street? They have to blow out the attic and live up there? And do Joey and Jesse/Becky live rent free?

Just a few questions that came up while watching it decades after it aired. It still doesn't change the fact that I find it entertaining and it was a big part of my childhood. In fact, I was happy to hear that the cast from Danny T. to Gibbler (minus Mary-Kate and Ashley) all reunited for the shows 25th anniversary reunion. They sang, danced, reminisced and seemingly had a great time. On an important note: In case you had any doubts, Uncle Jesse has still got it.


The milkman, the paper boy, the evenin' tv!



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