FND Films of YouTube is Making a Movie!

Nowadays it seems that to be deemed a “YouTube Star” one doesn’t have to possess too much star quality. A product review or a gloriously timed fall might throw one into Youtube Stardom for life. But what about the people that possess star quality on YouTube and ACTUAL LIFE? Well, that’s when I think of... Read more »

Lash Lowdown: All About Eyelash Extensions

Like most women, I have a love for the beauty industry and all the bells, whistles, and lip gloss that come along with it. Also like most women, I’m notoriously usually running late due to this love of beauty. Regardless of the function and the importance of it, it seems that it’s increasingly becoming more difficult for... Read more »

Chicago Scene's Jamaican Me Crazy - Summer Kickoff Event!

  The lovely folks at Chicago Scene Magazine are putting on an event next Thursday, May 22 and John Barleycorn River North 6:30pm – 10:00pm! This will definitely be a party you will not want to miss. It is just a feel good, fun time party not only packed with good beats, food, and cocktails,... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

I Can't Keep Calm It's My Birthday Weekend (and other life lessons)

Like most of us, when another birthday approaches, I tend to reflect. I’m coming up on my “quarter century club“ (crisis?!) 25th birthday, so obviously reflection is the name of the game. Since 2014 began, life in all aspects has started to take on a different form. Social circles have grown, perceptions and opinions have... Read more »

Spring Steals & Splurges: Makeup Edition

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a product junkie. I love anything beauty related and rarely go unprepared. Need to cover a zit? I’m on it. Brows fading? Here. Lips need reapplying? Step into my office, we might be here awhile. I might lose my keys and cards occasionally, but I’VE GOT THE LIP GLOSS. I can’t... Read more »

Chicago Scene Presents: The Wandering Muse

  It’s no shocker that when you walk into any River North establishment that the source of music is usually a one man band behind a computer. For those of us who love the concept of live music and the vibe of the River North area alike, that can be a little disappointing. Lucky for... Read more »

4 Things Women Needed to Stop Doing Yesterday

Women, although we are perfect, we should quit a few things. Let us reflect. 1. Showing insecurities We all have things about ourselves which we’re insecure about, it’s natural. Most insecurities are aesthetic, such as the always common, “I’m fat.” We rarely hear people say, “I’m not an active listener; I subconsciously wait just for my turn to... Read more »

New Years Resolutions That You Can Achieve

New Years Resolutions That You Can Achieve
  Another calendar year has begun, symbolizing new beginnings for all. Resolutions are defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something.” When asked what my resolution was for 2014, my mind flooded with all the things I will be working towards, how I will get there, and what dream of becoming. With my... Read more »

Details on Wrigleyville's 2013 TBOX

Details on Wrigleyville's 2013 TBOX
As Chicagoans, we know our city kills it in ways that other cities just…don’t. I mean, who else has a home team thats been the butt of jokes the past 100 years, but somehow still manages to sell out tons of stadiums around the nation? Rallies millions to celebrate in the streets to celebrate a... Read more »

What I think about E!'s Eric and Jessie: Game On

  So there’s this show on E! called Eric and Jessie: Game On. It premiered in September on the Sunday night lineup after the Kardashians. Seeing promos for this show made me roll my eyes. Who? I definitely thought this was one of those shows where people paid to have a show on a network.... Read more »