Mayor Emanuel puts pressure on Gov. Quinn’s office to expedite Dream Act

Mayor Emanuel puts pressure on Gov. Quinn’s office to expedite Dream Act
Surrounded by business people and other politicians in Little Village, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the kick-off campaign to raise funds for immigrant students. Western Union is donating $25,000 for the Illinois Dream Fund (IDF). The complication is that IDF has not been set up yet.  As I reported a few days ago, the Governor’s office... Read more »

Attention, undocumented students: Keep dreaming!

Thousands of undocumented students jumped of joy last August 1st, when Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law the Dream Act Illinois. Finally, they believed, they would be able to achieve their dreams of going to college without having to worry about their immigration status and their tuition. The new legislative measure was designed to provide... Read more »

“I did not rape. I did not kill anybody!"

“I did not rape. I did not kill anybody! I don’t know why they have me here.  I didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch her,” says 75-year-old Rafael Garcia.
While millions of people were getting ready to watch the Academy Awards 2012, I was talking to 75-year-old, Rafael Garcia, through a thick window in a visitation room at Cook County Jail.  He’s been locked up in Division 11, for the last 8 months. Garcia faces seven charges that include indecent solicitation, unlawful restrain, predatory... Read more »

Where are my accusers?!

Where are my accusers?!
Imagine that you are a 75-year-old man pushing a popsicle cart somewhere in the North Side.   Suddenly, a girl asks for a free popsicle and you say no.  The girl cries and leaves, but later comes back with her family.  A man and two women start beating you up.  Someone calls the police, and you... Read more »

Silvana Tabares or Rudy Lozano Jr., who would it be?

It’s not easy being a politician!  Most Chicagoans believe that a lot of elected officials in Illinois are in for the personal gain, the power trip, the status, and in petty cases the free meals and drinks at expensive restaurants, clubs and hotels.  Just remember our two former governors. But what is worse than a... Read more »