Carnival Food Fun Time: The Taffy Apple Salad

My in-laws pretty much rock my planet.  They are so fun. It’s not often that I get a chance to see them so when my husband and I have a few days in a row we try to escape to Pennsylvania to visit “Nonnie and Papi” (that’s what my adorable nephews call them).  It’s nice... Read more »

The Fall of the House of Escher

So I’d recently discovered that my college apartment was finally torn down. (My former college roommate’s article on same can be found here Listing Beyond Forty). When I’d heard the news about the “House of Escher” – I was  not the least bit surprised. That place was a Plan Z occurrence we had to deal with... Read more »

Review for You: Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to support local business. It’s not just because I am a local business either. It is because I miss quality.  Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty as anyone. I patronize these places and eat stuff out of a box too. Guilty guilt guilt... Read more »

Hell, Yeah. I'm Friggin' Crabby!!!!

See what had happened was. I had had cocktails while drafting this. #punkrock  When one does that – one can pretty much expect that one will forget to actually post the blog post. I live life out loud. What can I say? Well, feck – I can start by saying: Chicago might be summer’s favorite city…this... Read more »

Seedy Characters: A Short and Lazy Commentary on Chia Seeds

Today was one of those days: all the stress and twice the sadness. I wanted dessert for breakfast. I had to face the music though. While it is certainly I choice I could make, as an active adult on the go with a hectic life style, I must opt for things that will give me... Read more »

You Say “Tom Kha Gai” and I Say "Tom Kha Kai” Let's Call The Whole Thing - Yum!!

“Tom Kha Gai” is the same thing as “Tom Kha Kai”. My friend and colleague, Vorapun, says that the latter word means “Chicken” in Thai depending on where exactly one is from in Thailand. I originally thought that it all meant “Boiled Galangal Soup” but, as she says, that isn’t exactly the case. It’s actually... Read more »

So sorry that I was "Incommuni-cado" - I was thinking naughty thoughts

in·com·mu·ni·ca·do   (ĭn′kə-myo͞o′nĭ-kä′dō) adv. & adj. Without the means or right of communicating with others  – Free online dictionary   D’oh. My post didn’t go through as scheduled. Helps when one puts the correct date and time…of course. I blame this happenstance entirely on my food distraction of the week. Picture it – Chicago, July 2015. There... Read more »

"She's Choppin'...Broccoli. She's Choppin' Broccoliiiiii. Choppin' Broccollleeeee-heeeee"

On October 11, 1986, SNL introduced the world to Dereck Stevens, songwriter.  I was 12 but I really have to say that the sketch holds up. Few things one likes at age 12 do.  And, man, that sketch never ceases to be funny to me. It isn’t that I have a particular like or affinity... Read more »

The Lime: Exquisite Harbinger of Summer

According to my BFF and partner-in-crime, Kim Z. Dale: “It’s summer when limes at Edgewater Produce are 10 for $1″. AND THEY ARE! So it is true! Summer! Summer, summer, summer! To this, I say “Huzzah!”  Ah yes, the mighty lime: historically known for its medicinal properties (scurvy be damned) –  today known for its... Read more »

T-t-tortilla! Tortilla Soup for the Spring Chicago Brings

To me, fall and winter in Chicago means eating hearty. I tend to worship the harvest and the land roving animal during that time. It’s tribal really, I suppose. Fuel for the event. In Chicago, winter is an event. It’s a becoming. It’s a cold, windy, icy place.  You really don’t know what the weather... Read more »