Mad Skillz Day: Intro to Sauces That are a Total "Mother"

How do you, roux? My name is Erin Gallagher and I am a self-professed, sometimes obsessed, saucy saucier.  Today we concentrate on the origins of sauce. A good sauce is like a lovely and divine piece of music: it can rock your world or soothe your soul.  The refrain in the Song of Sauce is... Read more »

"Patsy and Edina" Style Thanksgiving Adventures Part One: R's Famous Italian Bread Dressing

So….my goodness how time speeds away from us all. I am a woeful four blogs behind.  But…this is the eating season, my friends. The, as my friend Bill calls it, Holy Sacred Butter Festival, has begun.  In the Mer Pois, we pray: in the name of  the carrots, the celery and the onions, Amen. Thanksgiving... Read more »

"David After Dentist" Quotes Quite Accurately Describe My Having Had A Mega Cold

“Is this real life?”   “I can’t see….anything” “Aaaarrrrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!  I don’t feel tired.” “I feel funny. Why…is this…. happening to me” “Is this going to be forever?” “Ugh!” I feel for that kid.  That’s pretty much an accurate description of what it’s like to be an active and creative adult who hates being sick. I... Read more »

Friggin' Sick and Tired of Being Friggin' Sick and Tired

I’m a blog behind. Boo.  I’ve also had this cold for a stupid week.  Once every two years I “get down with the sickness”.  Seasonal cold that drags me into the eleventh layer of hell of pain, snots, sweats and bronchitis….and culinary boredom. There is really only so much soup and broth a person can... Read more »

Go Fork Yourself: Unencumbered Chicago Dining (Part Three) The Pasty, Present and Future of Meat in a Pocket of Dough

I am Irish, German and Croatian. It basically translates into: I have this mad desire to dominate the world, would rather drink lots and sing passionately, and then I feel guilty about all of that. Eastern Europeans tend to use “guilt” as a medium much like an fine artist use oil paints. Truth. Take my... Read more »

Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce Que C'est? Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho-Pho Better

Balls. It’s Wednesday and I did not blog on Friday. Oh life balance, where art thou? I’m getting the hang of this blog and making all of my own things that I love and photographing them Good eating for sure and my home always smells great now which is a total plus.   My gal... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Hub 51

I usually blog on a Friday with a recipe.  This week, I went out on a Friday to review on a Saturday.  I’ll try to plan that better so you’re not all waiting with bated breath. LOL  Went to Hub 51.  Atmosphere was upscale pub style.  Clean and contemporary. Cuisine is what they refer to... Read more »

Pad Ga-Prao Muu. My Torrid Love Affair with Basil - Continued.

When I first moved here, I was a corporate zombie in a law firm. My one and only joy was being able to leave for lunch and explore all of the cuisine that Chicago had to offer. The very first restaurant in which I ever sat down to have lunch was a delightfully busy Thai... Read more »

Killer Skillz Day: Oven Roasted Garlic Cloves

I love roasted garlic. In an effort to share whatever I know (or even what I do not know. I like learning) – I have a small segment of my blog dedicated to skills and tips. This one is my mother’s favorite. Super easy. Super delicious. Eat lustfully. Enjoy. Repeat.   PREP TIME: Roughly 5 Minutes... Read more »

Punk Rock Pesto in Summer's Favorite City

  He: It is exotic and stimulating … She: Of course it is.  He: Yes. It’s known to alleviate … inflammation. She: Lover … you’re so bad … He: βασιλεύς She: What baby? He: Basileus. It’s Greek for ”King” She: Oooh …  He:  Ocimum basilicum.  She: Ooooh. Say more things like that … He: Okay.  Basil. She: Oooooooh... Read more »