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A Goaltender's duel in Montreal claims the Blackhawks in OT. Canadiens 2, Hawks 1.

After all was said and done tonight, the Hawks gained an important point, and played a great game (for half of it anyway), but sadness filled or hearts as the buzzer sounded. As the title states, this was a goaltender’s duel, and both of them played amazingly. Give credit where credit is due; and yet,... Read more »

The Blackhawks Grab 2 points, but give the Coyotes 1 in the process.

I love how different the game looks from the 300 level at the UC then from the couch in my living room. So many things become clearer and the big plays that happen outside of the camera’s watch can shed light on a player’s significance from game to game. The most prominent thing about the... Read more »