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One game at a time? Hawks try to avoid a Canuck's sweep.

I meant to post this earlier, and as a result it will be a bit shorter. Take it one game a time. If the Hawks look at tonight’s game as a fight to avoid the sweep they might be able to pull off a win, which would be great from my standpoint. So, win tonight,... Read more »

Is the Blackhawk's season Over. A 2-0 deficit to Vancouver proves daunting.

When Toews came flying out of the neutral zone and blew past both Vancouver defenders in the early part of this game, I jumped out my chair at the neighborhood bar and grill (that’s where I watch games when I don’t trust the internet). Now we’re talking, this is what I expected to see, but... Read more »

Hawks Win, but it took a Shootout.

I am glad to see the Hawks grab the 2 points today, but I feel more unhappy about the performance than positive. The reason being that we saw too much of the same old story. Hawks start great, dominate for a good 10-15 minutes and then let the other team back in the game, blow... Read more »

To be or not To be? Where will this season end up?

The Wild game was the make it or break it game for me. I never gave that kind of weight to the Columbus game. I guess I just keep expecting the Hawks to build off of a win. They have been overdue for a winning streak since, well, the beginning of this season. As Beaver... Read more »