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Get off the schnide night at the UC. Blues 4, Hawks 3 after shootout.

Well, we could keep going with the theme of giving up in the third as the Hawks gave up 2 goals late, but I don’t really think it fits here. As has often been the case lately, the Hawks gave up one goal that was really just a bad back. 16 minutes in, Keith has... Read more »

What were you doing in 1972-73?

Hopefully you were watching the Black Hawks (as opposed to today’s Blackhawks) get off to a 3-0 start. Were the Hawks on channel 44 back then? Given that I was five at the time, I have no idea. Had they not put that stat up on the screen tonight, I would have had no idea... Read more »

Hawks 5- Jackets 1, No statement made

This game, in my opinion, started with the Jackets coming out strong and for the most part, outworking the Hawks. They were skating, they were hitting and I was thinking it was just a matter of time before they would probably get one in. Then, out of nowhere, Bollig AGAIN drops the gloves after seemingly... Read more »

Hawks beat Rangers 4-3, fire Q anyway

Hawks beat Rangers 4-3, fire Q anyway
What a bizarre game. From the start of this game, I was not very impressed by either team and I’m not very impressed by this win. A win is a win I suppose, and the Hawks sure need the points, but it was really kind of a steal of a game where the Hawks got... Read more »

45 minutes of strong hockey not enough, Hawks lose to Stars 3-1

Well, that sucked. The story line that will lead in most places will include cliches about needing to play for sixty minutes, and not taking things for granted, etc, etc. In the simplest of terms, that is exactly what happened. The Hawks controlled a large chunk of this game, were extremely effective at backcheckig and... Read more »

Trend officially started, Hawks win when Lepisto scores.

Trend officially started, Hawks win when Lepisto scores.
Lepisto scores along with five other supporting players to lead the Hawks to a pretty solid 6-1 victory, further proof Q needs to be fired for mismanaging Lepisto’s ice time. Course, since I recap less then Lepisto plays, maybe I shouldn’t crack wise. Anyway, since I already write way too much when I post, I’m... Read more »

Flyers 5, Hawks 4. Hey Pat, Edzo, Troy, John and Blackhawks website, you can all stop reminiscing now

From start to finish, this was a lot of end to end hockey which, in theory, should have benefited the Hawks. Maybe it’s time for a new theory. Though the Hawks frequently controlled the puck and cycled it, especially at the start of the second period, they just didn’t get the kind of net presence... Read more »

Stats Improving, Hawks 4 Jackets 1.

Sorry for the late wrap everyone and for what will probably be a bit of a jumbled review. For anyone who didn’t watch the game, Stalberg again had a huge game as the Hawks beat up on the Jackets. The win is not quite as dominant as the score suggests, but the things to be... Read more »

Pens 3 Hawks 2, win streak ends.

As I said on the pregame, I did not have a good feeling about this game. In that same pregame, FF made a spot on comment that the Hawks have trouble with a disciplined defensive strategy, and so it was. For two periods, the Pens had the Hawks pretty completely contained. If the three goals... Read more »

Hawks 4, Selanne 1

Yep. You knew he was going to score his always freaking annoying goal and this one came when Razor was less then 2 minutes away from a shut out. With the clock winding down, the Ducks displayed a surprising amount of effort to hem the Hawks in their own zone. Though Toews got slashed pretty... Read more »