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Things ended in the UC exactly like they should have, Hawks 4 - Panthers 0.

This game started and ended in just the way someone might expect from these two teams. Not wanting to repeat their last meeting, the Hawks established a quick tempo and put the pressure on Vokoun early. Though it might have taken half the game to get the first goal, the Hawks soon had 4 by... Read more »

All good things must come to an end, Hawks fall in Florida.

The streak is over, and I no longer have any hair. I lost it during what some might call an onslaught of shots, a barrage of chances, and a ridiculous example of domination by one team over another. The Hawks outshot their opponent 40-15, and yet, against a team without any playoff hopes, lost in... Read more »

Hawks in Florida Tonight - Game Preview

There is not much to say that has not been said already. Vegas had this to say, “Collectively, I think we all make some pretty good observations on the team and recently, I’m hard pressed to say the team hasn’t been playing in a way that addressed all the things we were complaining about. Q... Read more »