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Center of the storm?

With a few days off from work, I have been obsessing over this center thing and as we all know, too much time on my hands is fertile ground for the creation of bad analogies. Without a solid second line center, Hossa seems kinda like a Rolex clock radio. You see the quality just looking... Read more »

27 seconds was all the Blackhawks needed to get the win in Detroit Turnover City

I had a good feeling about this game all day. Not being able to see it in real time do to prior commitments, I sat down well after the game had began with some friends and hit play on the DVR. It all happened so fast after that. Detroit has the puck in their own... Read more »

Holy Jumping Predators Batman, Hossa Scored on a Goalie to help lift the Hawks to a 3-0 Win.

My wife told me that I should buy a lottery ticket because Hossa scored on a breakaway. Might not be a bad idea with the Hawks being on a roll and everything. Maybe what transpired in the St. Louis locker room was actually the turning point for the Hawks. Strolling into Predator territory is never... Read more »