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Ranting and Raving: Thoughts on early Hawks hockey.

Ranting and Raving: Thoughts on early Hawks hockey.
With 4 down, and 3 points lost out of a possible 8, the Hawks have excited and scared their fans into early predictions of a promising season. The air feels cleaner than last year, but there are still high expectations looming over the Blackhawks who have been picked by many to go¬†extremely deep into the... Read more »

Luongo gets chased out of his net 2 games in a row as the Blackhawks cruise to a 5 - 0 win.

It does not get much better than this. A 3-0 series gets turned into a 3-2 series seemingly overnight and our home team has stolen momentum on the way back home to live another day. Screw living, this team is now thriving. Crawford was brilliant, actually perfect, Hossa scored Twice (finally learning to lift the... Read more »

KAAABBOOOOMMM!!!! Blackhawks 7, Canucks 1 1/2 (they only get half a goal for that first one)

I could probably just post this pic and leave it at that. I mean really.  I deserve a slap in the face for questioning his addition to the roster for today’s game. This was like “Return of the Jedi,” or a “Rocky” movie or, well, you get the point. Did someone play a montage before... Read more »

Getting the job done in Chicago proves problematic for the Hawks. Blackhawks trail 3-0 in Vancouver series.

Weathering the storm is a vulnerable tactic to take, and it is exactly what the Nucks did tonight. Vancouver held their ground during Chicago’s explosive 1st period. When the first intermission should have displayed a 2 goal lead in the Hawk’s favor in the least and a 3 goal lead being totally plausible, Vancouver only... Read more »

Blackhawks Roll Over the Sharks at Home for a 6-3 Win!

Now that was an exciting game. I spent more time on my feet than I have in a while at the United Center. Lots of reasons to celebrate with all the points handed out to Hawk’s players and the always important 2 points that shoved the Hawks into 4th place all alone, and only 2... Read more »

To be or not To be? Where will this season end up?

The Wild game was the make it or break it game for me. I never gave that kind of weight to the Columbus game. I guess I just keep expecting the Hawks to build off of a win. They have been overdue for a winning streak since, well, the beginning of this season. As Beaver... Read more »