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Well, it’s about that time to throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks. For awhile now, I have been wanting to write something about Hossa. I don’t want to completely rip off today’s post at Hockey Buzz by John Jaeckal, but he hit on something that I have been feeling for awhile watching... Read more »

Good News, The Blackhawks win in a shootout.

Good News, The Blackhawks win in a shootout.
The Hawks proved that they do have a few tricks up their sleeves last night in a shootout win over the Ducks, who tend to be a mighty threat from time to time. The win brings about good news for a bunch of reasons. First, that the Hawks can score in a shootout. Second, that... Read more »

While we are talking about Blackhawks Depth (this title is a link).

I noticed something while perusing the Blackhawks website recently, the Depth Chart. A chart that showcases what looks to be your 2011-2012 roster line-up and line-combinations. Depth has been a topic of mucho discussion these past few weeks, as in: the Hawks have depth again, yay! So discussing it makes a lot of sense. However,... Read more »

Center of the storm?

With a few days off from work, I have been obsessing over this center thing and as we all know, too much time on my hands is fertile ground for the creation of bad analogies. Without a solid second line center, Hossa seems kinda like a Rolex clock radio. You see the quality just looking... Read more »

A Canuck Fan's Nightmare, the Blackhawks are back!

From where I see it, this is the Hawk’s series. The Canucks have dominated for 1 period, and controlled about 2 more periods, while the Hawks have dominated for 6 periods (not all coming from the last 2 games), and have controlled another 3 to 4 periods out of 15 total. The remaining periods fall... Read more »

Luongo gets chased out of his net 2 games in a row as the Blackhawks cruise to a 5 - 0 win.

It does not get much better than this. A 3-0 series gets turned into a 3-2 series seemingly overnight and our home team has stolen momentum on the way back home to live another day. Screw living, this team is now thriving. Crawford was brilliant, actually perfect, Hossa scored Twice (finally learning to lift the... Read more »

Is the Blackhawk's season Over. A 2-0 deficit to Vancouver proves daunting.

When Toews came flying out of the neutral zone and blew past both Vancouver defenders in the early part of this game, I jumped out my chair at the neighborhood bar and grill (that’s where I watch games when I don’t trust the internet). Now we’re talking, this is what I expected to see, but... Read more »

Let History repeat itself, The Blackhawks lose game 1 in Vancouver.

In the past 2 series between these 2 teams the Canucks won game 1 with pretty convincing scores. It would have been bad luck to win this game, right? After all, in those 2 series Chicago ended up winning in 6. I was not expecting much coming into this game. Figuring that the Nucks would... Read more »

The Blackhawks clinch the 8th playoff spot by the hair of their chinny chin chins.

I was on the ice when I heard the news. Somehow, without the help of Havlat and Madden, the Wild as icehogst put it, “skated their butts off,” and took it to a Dallas team who had to want it more. With that, the Hawks “clinch” the eighth seed. When I heard the news I... Read more »

Like a swift punch in the face the Hawks lose in Boston

The Hawks had to give more last night than they should have had to given the way they started the game. Outplaying Detroit, they let the game get into OT. As a result, a tired Hawks team took the ice tonight. Not showing yet in the early minutes, although Boston did have the better of... Read more »