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If Hawks win, party at Robson and Thurlow? Hawks-Canucks game six recap.

Well, like my tortured analogy yesterday, this team is not dying easy. Three times Vancouver took the lead, three times the Hawks tied it and then came back to win in overtime. Could this have been scripted any more bizarre if someone tried? I don’t know. But, let’s hit it.  For perhaps the first time... Read more »

Blackhawks Win Again with an Explosive Start.

Some perspective for you. The Hawks have more 15 goal scorers than any other team in the West. They have outscored their opponents 20-11 over the last 4 games, getting goals from 11 different players. Toews has 16 points in the past 12 games, Kane has 14, and both Sharp and Hossa have 12 each.... Read more »


Since I am a huge Antti Niemi fan, and since the loss of his contract left me feeling a small hole in my heart, I figured it worthy to update everyone on his performance this year. After having a rough start which could have been expected given his situation, Niemi has turned the corner and... Read more »

Hawks Win, but it took a Shootout.

I am glad to see the Hawks grab the 2 points today, but I feel more unhappy about the performance than positive. The reason being that we saw too much of the same old story. Hawks start great, dominate for a good 10-15 minutes and then let the other team back in the game, blow... Read more »

To be or not To be? Where will this season end up?

The Wild game was the make it or break it game for me. I never gave that kind of weight to the Columbus game. I guess I just keep expecting the Hawks to build off of a win. They have been overdue for a winning streak since, well, the beginning of this season. As Beaver... Read more »