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Get off the schnide night at the UC. Blues 4, Hawks 3 after shootout.

Well, we could keep going with the theme of giving up in the third as the Hawks gave up 2 goals late, but I don’t really think it fits here. As has often been the case lately, the Hawks gave up one goal that was really just a bad back. 16 minutes in, Keith has... Read more »

What were you doing in 1972-73?

Hopefully you were watching the Black Hawks (as opposed to today’s Blackhawks) get off to a 3-0 start. Were the Hawks on channel 44 back then? Given that I was five at the time, I have no idea. Had they not put that stat up on the screen tonight, I would have had no idea... Read more »

What Does the Shortened Season Mean for the Blackhawks?

What Does the Shortened Season Mean for the Blackhawks?
One thing we can be sure of, is that it will be even harder to make predictions this year. The shortened season is somewhat of a wildcard thrown into the mix of an already difficult outcome to predict. But, are there teams that will benefit most from this season, and others who are doomed from... Read more »

Canucks win the West: A frustrated Shark's team goes home earlier than anticipated.

It is damn hard to lose a game when you out-shot your opponent by 22 shots, but the San Jose Sharks did just that last night. The Sharks dominated in almost every category last night with the exception of goals and you could also say bounces and those count more. When leading the game by... Read more »

Power Play City: The Canucks find a 3-1 lead in San Jose.

We are all well aware of the importance of scoring on the power-play; we watched the Hawks all year. There was even an added sense of importance to the 5 on 3, thanks much in part to coach Q’s comments about not winning games when those opportunities go without production. Well, incase you missed today’s... Read more »

The Playoffs roll on without the Blackhawks. Updates on all things hockey.

Incase you happened to miss it, the last Shark’s – Wing’s game was maybe the best of the playoffs thus far. It was physical, it was fast, both teams brought their A-games offensively and both goalies showed up to back their teams. In a game that had so many marvelous scoring opportunities from both teams,... Read more »

Lets talk some hockey. Playoffs, Hawks, and whatever else comes to mind.

Im falling a bit behind on the 2nd round of the playoffs. Already the Nucks and Preds have played 2 games, and the 2nd Detroit – SJ game is about to take off in a few hours. There has been some great hockey already and I might be a bit tardy with this, but here... Read more »

Your 2010-2011 Chicago Blackhawks.

Jonathan Toews was nominated for the Selke Trophy. This announcement comes hours after the Hawk’s 2010-2011 season came to an end. It reminds me of what was lost and gained this challenging year, of the ups and downs, the dominating moments and then those games when the Hawks seemed uninterested in winning. Through it all,... Read more »

How About an Applause for Your Chicago Blackhawks! Remember that all good things must come to an end.

How About an Applause for Your Chicago Blackhawks! Remember that all good things must come to an end.
Keep that applause going for Corey Crawford (amazing game), keep it going for Johnny Toews, and keep it going for the fans too. Things might not have ended how we wanted, but that was a great run at history. Vancouver can sleep easier now that they have eliminated the Blackhawks in OT of game 7... Read more »

If Hawks win, party at Robson and Thurlow? Hawks-Canucks game six recap.

Well, like my tortured analogy yesterday, this team is not dying easy. Three times Vancouver took the lead, three times the Hawks tied it and then came back to win in overtime. Could this have been scripted any more bizarre if someone tried? I don’t know. But, let’s hit it.  For perhaps the first time... Read more »