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Centering an Injury Storm. Blackhawks leave the UC banged and bruised.

Centering an Injury Storm. Blackhawks leave the UC banged and bruised.
The Blackhawks and Wings met in a game which had a little of everything last night. The Hawks prevailed in the end, despite being down 3-1 behind a bunch of prospects from the Detroit system. A lack of zoned coverage the culprit for the mid-game deficit. But, even worse than coverage issues, the Hawks left last nights game... Read more »

If Hawks win, party at Robson and Thurlow? Hawks-Canucks game six recap.

Well, like my tortured analogy yesterday, this team is not dying easy. Three times Vancouver took the lead, three times the Hawks tied it and then came back to win in overtime. Could this have been scripted any more bizarre if someone tried? I don’t know. But, let’s hit it.  For perhaps the first time... Read more »

Is the Blackhawk's season Over. A 2-0 deficit to Vancouver proves daunting.

When Toews came flying out of the neutral zone and blew past both Vancouver defenders in the early part of this game, I jumped out my chair at the neighborhood bar and grill (that’s where I watch games when I don’t trust the internet). Now we’re talking, this is what I expected to see, but... Read more »

Uncharted Territory for these 2 Teams. Vancouver takes a 2-0 lead in the series.

That was an interesting game to say the least. Harder to watch than the last one, but with a better start (not saying much). Hawks almost took it out of Vancouver’s hands thanks to the new guy. I thought Ben Smith was going to win this game single handedly in the final seconds of play.... Read more »

27 seconds was all the Blackhawks needed to get the win in Detroit Turnover City

I had a good feeling about this game all day. Not being able to see it in real time do to prior commitments, I sat down well after the game had began with some friends and hit play on the DVR. It all happened so fast after that. Detroit has the puck in their own... Read more »