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Hawks 4, Selanne 1

Yep. You knew he was going to score his always freaking annoying goal and this one came when Razor was less then 2 minutes away from a shut out. With the clock winding down, the Ducks displayed a surprising amount of effort to hem the Hawks in their own zone. Though Toews got slashed pretty... Read more »


Just to let everyone know, the wrap is going to be late central time since I won’t be able to see the game until after 9 pacific. Here’s a little fresh chalkboard from everyone to scribble on til then. For tonight, we all know the deal. The Ducks are a struggling team and despite having... Read more »

The Chicago Blackhawks get crazy on Black Friday.

The Chicago Blackhawks get crazy on Black Friday.
Maybe it had something to do with the gluttonous state of the weekend, to¬†eat too much, and buy more stuff you don’t need. Did you know stores opened at Midnight last night for shoppers to get in even earlier than usual (what is wrong with the world)? Well, the Hawks joined in on the crazy... Read more »