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Hawks win 7-2, Ray Emery prevented from physically beating Raanta

Well, that was a good old fashioned ass whippin. After going down 1-0 in the first and getting outhit and outshot, the Hawks came back in the second period, scored 5 goals and put the game out of reach for the Flyers. Thankfully, Emery finally got pulled before he could start a fight with someone... Read more »

Hawks Lose 4-3, Season Nearly Over

When a team is winning, detractors and even moderate critics take an enormous load of crap from the meatballs who keep saying, “TWO CUPS IN FOUR YEARS MY FRIEND!”. In between cups, a wide swath of the fanbase screamed for Q’s head on a daily basis and found a way to pin pretty much every... Read more »

Oilers on short end of the measuring stick, Hawks win 5-1

This game had to be coming for the Hawks. Maybe it was the Oil for once who took this game for granted. Maybe the Hawks finally got tired of chasing a young team around that really isn’t that good. Whatever the reason, I kinda felt like this one was never in question. I mean, you... Read more »

TCB, Hawks 4, Jets 1.

Well, that was a pretty dominant game and I never really felt that the Jets were in this one. Between take aways and outright puck possession, I think the Hawks had this one pretty well under control early on and basically never let up as the game wore on. No disrespect intended to the Jets,... Read more »

Maybe it is about more then scoring goals, Hawks lose 6-5 in OT

Well, that was a game I think the Hawks should have lost. That they escaped with a point is really about fair compensation for the game they played. Though they outshot the Bolts and had a slight edge in faceoffs, the Bolts were the better team pretty much start to finish. Defensively, the Hawks were... Read more »

Hawks win 2-1, Kane likely not interested in going to Buffalo

I was a little tired after work and watched this one on DVR, but I really saw nothing to complain about. I suppose knowing what happened ahead of time probably biased me a bit, but as I watched, I just felt like the Hawks were pretty solidly in control for most of the game. Any... Read more »

Blues beat Hawks 3-2, Stanley Cup Decided

Well, that finish kinda reminded me of that joke where Mrs. Lincoln says, “The play was great except for the shooting”. That was a really shitty way to lose the game, but it was a very entertaining contest. I’m guessing Crawford is going to take some grief for this and he probably should. On the... Read more »

Patrick Kane Stickhandling, WOW!

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We all know that Kaner is one of the best, if not the player with the best hands in the world, but even this video of watching him dangle shocks me a little.

For better or for worse

Someday, Joel Quenneville, (AKA Q) is going to be fired from coaching the Hawks. Yesterday, however, was not that day and instead he was extended for three more years. By default, I’ve frequently wound up being a supporter/defender of Q by trying to suggest some perspective when he ignores the wisdom of thousands of coaches... Read more »

Well, that's that

So, it looks like Kruger is signed and at what looks like a pretty good number to me. 1.325 for each of the next two years which leaves a cap space of 1.18 going into the season. Now that the Kruger contract is out of the way, I can’t imagine there is anything left to... Read more »