About PuckPowWow:

This Blackhawks blog was started in the hopes of building a space for the knowledgeable Hockey/Hawks fan to join in on conversation that dissects the Chicago Blackhawks complete game. From coaching, to player performances, the good and the bad of the Hawks system will be debated and picked apart her at PuckPowWow.

The success of this blog depends greatly on the readers and their contributions to the conversation. In the past 2 years, PuckPowWow has been a place where readers leave detailed comments that help enhance and improve the overall enjoyment of the game. This is what makes this blog unique and special. Stop by and leave your feedback.

About the writers:

Hostile Hawk.

Growing up playing hockey built what is now a dependence on the game in all of its glory. From watching the Hawks, to the traveling and late night practices, tryouts, victories and failings, Hockey was life and nothing mattered more. That nostalgia and need for the smell of the ice has never left. With every play I am brought back to all those memories packed tightly in my brain. This blog is where I let it all out. Call it therapy if you will.

Somewhere along the way, I gave up the dream of playing hockey for a living and turned to my studies. With a bachelors degrees in Liberal Arts, Photography, and Education, I hope to use my acquired skills to bring a detailed explanation of the game. I am a dedicated teacher and business owner who loves both, but there must always be room left for hockey.

Vegas Hawksfan.

VegasHawksFan is a life long Chicago resident who only recently relocated to Vegas in 2010 right before the Hawks won the cup. First exposure to the Hawks was in the early 80's at the Chicago Stadium where there was always a cloud of smoke over the ice and where you could occasionally see the players looking up into the stands between whistles to watch the fans fighting in the cheap seats. Though Vegas never played organized hockey, he is now an overweight beer league defenseman with bad knees on the resurgent Thursday night black jersey team in Vegas. Prior to his current job of ICU RN in Vegas, he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade.