Hawks win 7-2, Ray Emery prevented from physically beating Raanta

Well, that was a good old fashioned ass whippin. After going down 1-0 in the first and getting outhit and outshot, the Hawks came back in the second period, scored 5 goals and put the game out of reach for the Flyers. Thankfully, Emery finally got pulled before he could start a fight with someone and after the first period fight between Brookbank and Simmonds, The Flyers at least restrained their D'baggery to things that didn't hurt any Hawks, although the blatant hit to the head of Versteeg could have been really bad.

By and large, the Hawks kept their composure and once the game got out of hand, Q started to spread the ice time. Instead of intentionally running up the score, Q backed off until the Flyers acted like idiots and gave the Hawks a 5-3 opportunity and Q put out the first PP unit who scored pretty quickly. Scoring came from all over the place. Offense, defense, PP and even shorthanded on an extremely lucky last second touch of the stick after Handzus kicked the puck toward the net. While the Hawks did give up two insane break away chances for the flyers while the Hawks were on a PP, there is really very little that I can see to criticize in this game. While the "they're no physical enough" debate will likely continue for awhile, being drastically outhit did not seem to hold them back.

Not much else to say about this one. I'm not sure if the team finally practiced our not, but they at least had a couple days off before needing to head to Toronto. If they keep a focus, that is a game they should win.

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