Oilers on short end of the measuring stick, Hawks win 5-1


This game had to be coming for the Hawks. Maybe it was the Oil for once who took this game for granted. Maybe the Hawks finally got tired of chasing a young team around that really isn't that good. Whatever the reason, I kinda felt like this one was never in question. I mean, you always have to assume a 30% chance they just fall apart and give the game away, but shift after shift, the Hawks took care of business this entire game. Even on busted plays the Hawks managed to score twice and the Oil just didn't have any answers for the team effort the Hawks turned in. On to the goals.

First one, Hawks are short handed and Saad tries to clear the puck up the middle but his stick breaks. As the puck trickles up, Yakupov is on the blue line and either misjudged the speed or just mishandled it. Either way, Toews was right there, picked up the puck and skated all the way down ice unmolsted and made the funny face seen up top as he scored. Second goal, Hawks went from PK to PP and after a scrum at the net that involved Shaw, the puck squirts out to Kane to the right of Dubnyk and Kane buried it.

Third goal was early in the second when Oduya threw one on net from the blue line (Never a bad idea per Edzo) and the puck was deflected in by Potter on his own goalie. Four a half minutes later, Smith and Shaw bust up ice on a two on one and Smith fed a really sweat pass past the defender right on to Shaw's stick and right into the net. A few minutes later the Oil got one back when the puck bounced out to Justin Schultz to the left of Crawford and he hammered an absolute perfect shot that rang off the post on the way in. Handzus was sorta in the area looking a little dazed, but give Schultz credit, the puck clean to him and he just drilled it past Crawford who never had a chance. From here, I thought the Hawks pretty much just shut it down. Late late in the 3rd, Leddy just shot one quick toward the net and Shaw, once again was in the right place at the right time and tipped it home.

While this was a good win, I could have done without Handzus out there. It's his first game back so it's probably to be expected, but he looked even slower than usual out there. Morin looked good and I'm hoping that Q makes some good decisions here. Bollig, IMO, hasn't done anything worth getting sat for, but if Handzus must play, I'd rather see Bollig sit than Morin. Not much else to say here. Solid team win.

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  • Wasn't the pass from Smith you speak of, from Morin? Yep, it was, and it was sweat, and Morin does a heck of a lot of good out there every single shift, but he will probably be sent down tomorrow. What a waist. Maybe Q will shock us all and give Bollig a rest.

    Another note: Verteeg is still not on the PK? Handzus comes back and gets put right on it.

    I'm wondering when Raanta will get the start?

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Oops, yeah, that was Morin. To tell the truth, I would kind of like to see Bowman trade Zus now to take him away from Q. Zus on the PK is not a bad idea to me, but it is curious that Versteeg is not out there. To some degree, these are high class problems we are discussing here. I'd like to at least see what Versteeg looks like on the PK, but when it's starting to stabilize some, I'm not that upset that Q isn't changing it. I'm not entirely sure Versteeg has really adjusted to the way the team looks now and I don't have strong feeling right now that he is the droid we are looking for to replace Frolik. I still believe that if Steeger is to pay a dividend, it is going to be in the playoffs and anything before then is icing.

    With Bickell still out, I tend to think Morin will be sticking around, however, there are also cap issues with doing that. With Zus off the IR, they are kind of stuck with him, so what to do with Morin starts to become an issue. I like it better with Zus out and Morin and Bollig in, but from a cap perspective, it probably doesn't make sense to carry both. The thing I keep thinking is that the game Bollig brings is exactly what you want from a guy playing in his spot. One of a guy like him on the team seems useful.

    Rotating Bollig and Morin right now makes more sense then sending Morin back down. I don't know that I want Morin being the guy out there that steps up to a douchebag, but I don't think he's afraid of it.

  • Well, scratch all that. Predictably, Q has sent Morin down and probably is going to put Handzus up with Kane. Gonna have to call that crazy shit. Well, I will stick by one thing, hopefully Bowman just trades Zus to take him away from Q. I liked the theory of having Zus around for that veteran, teach the kids how to act, presence. Instead, he will likely try to put him back in a 2C role he is not remotely cut out for. The shots at Q should be flying after tonight and I'll probably be on board with them. This is a game the Hawks should win and win or lose, it's exactly the type of game that people like Morin and Raanta should be playing in while Pirri continues to get ice time in a real role. Compounding this, since WGN for some reason has this game, I have to watch a shitty low def version from TSN. GRRRR

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