Maybe it is about more then scoring goals, Hawks lose 6-5 in OT

Well, that was a game I think the Hawks should have lost. That they escaped with a point is really about fair compensation for the game they played. Though they outshot the Bolts and had a slight edge in faceoffs, the Bolts were the better team pretty much start to finish. Defensively, the Hawks were crap tonight. Not just D players, but all around. Kane made an awesome pick off that he ran all the way up ice and scored on, but that was pretty much the defensive highlight of the game.

First period, Rozsival took a bad penalty that was the result of him getting danced around, which has been a bit of a theme lately. The Bolts converted on the PP which is also a bit of a theme lately when they play the Hawks. From the minute that goal went in, the Bolts turned up the pressure and were relentless on the forecheck. That first goal was one Khabbi probably should have had, but it's not like the PK was on fire.

Early in the second, the Bolts got whistled for too many men and on the power play, the Hawks managed to get four players down below the goal line and gave up a shorty from an odd man rush. While you might think that would be enough, they almost got another and the Hawks were just getting eaten up by the aggressive play. But, things finally settled down and eventually Bickell got rewarded for going to the net and parking his big ass there. Not long after that, Hossa potted one with a really sweet bat down of a puck that was waist high as it was going past him. The stick looked a little high to me, but that's the beauty of needing conclusive evidence. Not long after that, Stamkos picked up the puck in the Bolts D zone, looked up ice and saw a small bit of daylight and raced his ass off right up center ice and went to the outside on Oduya and snapped the puck to his left while he was skating right. Edzo loves that shit. Right before the end of the period though, Kane made an excellent defensive play up near the blue line while in the D zone and pulled his own Stamkos run and beat Bishop.

Third period started with an early PP and Shaw had a real nice redirect in. But, then the Hawks gave one up, and with just a couple minutes left in the period, Handzus took a draw in the D zone, fell on his knees and put his hand over the puck. W-T-F was he thinking? Of course, on the very next face off, the Bolts win it clean to the point, he skates in shoots and bang zoom it's in. Why the Hawks can never, ever, ever pull a play like that baffles me. Anyhow, just when it was looking like the Bolts just skate it out for the win, one of the Bolts at center ice passed the puck back into the defensive zone and the D man absolutely biffed the puck, redirected it straight on net, and Bishop seemed to be sleeping and it went in. Toews got credit for the goal. That was a complete gift and I suppose the Hawks should call it even for kind of gift wrapping this one for the Bolts.

In OT, St. Louis did what he usually does. Fought hard on the boards, shot the puck at the net, followed up his rebound because no one was covering him close enough and put it over the prone Khabbi. Bolts win.

So, despite knowing that Q is never going to give up on having a forward at the point, I'm going to bitch anyway. Seabrook or Leddy should have been maning that point. As for Zus and Roszival, wow. They were both shitty. While Zus has at times come back and redeemed himself, I really can't say the same for Roszival. He's getting beat a lot these days and taking bad penalties for it. Considering that both of them got whistled on what ultimately became goals, I'd call their play tonight costly. As for the Bolts, they played a good game. When they had the lead, they pressed. When it got tied, they played it straight and waited for the inevitable opportunity the Hawks are becoming knowing for granting as games wear on. considering years past, this doesn't seem like the most bizarre thing in the world and at least they are getting some points. Still, the reliance on safety blanket players that "Q trusts" is getting a little old. At the least, with the way this one was going, I saw no reason why Pirri shouldn't have gotten a little more ice time. Ultimately, one point is better then no point I guess

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  • Loved Kane's takeaway and subsequent goal but that was about it. October hockey at its' worst. Whatever, a point is a better result than we deserved.

    The Bulin wall isn't. Last few seasons he has started strong and then faded. He isn't looking so solid that Raanta should plan on buying a house in Rockford. Look for a Finn in the Hawks net by mid December.

    Q has got Pirri in the line-up and Thor has not smote him dead so maybe Morin gets called up if we stop with the 8 D experiment. Love the old guys, but when its ugly sit them down and play younger guys. After all, aren't Handzus and Rosival here for late season experience as opposed to grinding out a full season. Ryan Stanton went to Canuckville on waivers and played 17 minutes last game. He is plus 4 with a goal and three assists in 12 games.
    Surely the guys we kept, Kostka and Brookbank can spell Rosival.
    HH said it, his penalties have been of the too slow or stopped moving his feet variety.

    Still, 15 out of 20 points and no injuries to speak of, October has been swell.

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