Exciting Start: Blackhawks 6, Caps 4.

Exciting Start: Blackhawks 6, Caps 4.

If last night is any indication of what this season is going to look like for the Blackhawks, then we are in for an exciting season with a lot of roller-coaster drama throughout. 6-4, pretty big start if you were looking for goals. And goals the Hawks did score, including a power-play goal for extra gravy. For the most part, the Hawks looked like the superior team, minus a stint during the 2nd period where the Caps had the Hawks on the ropes. Although it was more like that lack-luster attitude the Hawks get into from time to time. You know the one, it goes something like, "we got this, no worries."

Unfortunately, the Hawks did have problems keeping the puck out of their own net, and this might serve as the most deserving subject to talk about, besides the powerhouse of scoring depth the Hawks seem to possess.

So Bollig kept up his preseason success? Uh? You know, I really like this kid, on and off the ice in terms of energy and attitude, so watching him notch his first which was also the first of the season for the Hawks in front of a banner raising crowd; I'm a fan. What I am not too happy about is seeing him play over Smith, Morin, or Pirri. There is increasingly less reason to have an instigator on the team with some of these new rules, and there were more than a few times that Bollig was absolutely out of position. I just don't understand why he gets to do that and play while other players get benched for less.

It felt good, watching this one go down. Even when the Hawks fell behind for a minute, not even caring if they ended up pulling it out, which it felt like they would, it was just fun to watch.

Even with the plethora of scoring, and the even more opportunities for the Hawks, it was sloppy hockey. Sloppy or not, the Hawks still connected for some beauties, especially the Zus to Saad goal that ended up being the game-winner. It's funny too, because I was kind of asking myself where Saad had been all game at that point. Ask and you will receive. This kid is going to be fun to watch this year and forever after.

On Zus, I thought his presence was about to end sooner than anticipated when he left with an injury, but then he came back and made that perfectly placed and executed pass to Saad for that goal. He also followed it with a great defensive play. I still think Pirri should be playing right now, but Zus showed us why he is welcomed in the line-up.

Maybe I should just get to that PK thing now, since we are talking about a PK player. Anyone else missing Frolik after watching that game? Not that this is a time to get too much into it, but you can't help but fear a weak PK along with a weak PP. That PK last year saved the lack of production from the power-play. The loss of Bolland and Frolik is going to hurt it no doubt. I like Nordstrom, but he wasn't as aggressive as Frolik. Maybe he will get better, but it also seemed like Kruger was more timid than usuall (no Frolik around to help and allow for that aggressive attack). Worth mentioning is that Hossa was on it, which means he was on both special teams units, and play 2nd line minutes. Cannot continue, just saying.

Thankfully, the power-play produced. All in all, it did look a little more like a power-play, but there were some rough times on it as well. What I will say is that when the Hawks scored, 2 defensemen were playing the point, one of them was Leddy, and the other was not Keith. The entry is rough except for when Leddy is out there. Seabrook has a way with scoring goals doesn't he?

Uh, faceoffs? Not good.

Not sure what to say about Crawford, but I get the feeling there are more 3-4 goal games against than last year. Had some bad moments, had some strong moments, which pretty much what I anticipate throughout the year. He made a really strong save on the PK, and did a terrible job following the play and getting into position on another. There ya go.

Good start to the year. I love seeing some of the guys do exactly what we hope they will, such as Kaner on the O (100 points this year!), Shaw's inability to lose a battle, how Sharp really wants the puck, Saad's power-forwardness, Leddy's QBing, and Hjalmer's stay at homeness to name a few things. It is going to be a fun season.

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  • Sloppy hockey sums it up best and across the league, I think we are going to see a lot of it for at least the next month. The PK was definitely shaky and there is no denying that Frolik is missed and to some degree, will be missed permanently. But, I think the story of Frolik should be a lesson to guys like Smith and Morin. We loved Frolik for what he did, but we have to be honest, he was a high first round draft pick who was a scoring bust. He doesn't suck, he's got awesome skill, but he could not consistently dent the net. Remember, we got this guy for Jack Skille. Frolik worked his ass off, reinvented himself and because of that is still playing in the NHL.

    Bollig is going to annoy a lot of people. On the ice and in the stands. To me, he's a fourth line energy guy and nothing more. I think he can live up to that role. If Morin and Smith have no bigger aspirations then to be fourth line energy guys, I think they can adjust their games to that low expectation and surpass Bollig. If they are projected to be more, which I think they are, then guys like Hayes are the guys they need to outperform.

  • Bollig is in the NHL because he will fight, still a necessity especially with the bruins model gaining in popularity. Five fights in the Leafs Habs game last night.

    Frolik got two goals last night.

  • In reply to Pilotefan:

    That's awesome. And, Bolland got 2 goals tonight, giving him 3 points already on the year.

  • Bolland was a serious points machine in junior so I won't be surprised if his numbers go up in Toronto or Frolik's in Winnipeg.
    On the Hawks, they had to accept and excel at different roles to stay here . On weaker teams they have a chance at a different role.

    In other words, what Vegas said. I would take it a step further and suggest if Morin et al want out of Rockford they do whatever it takes to stick. Might be a "low expectation" but you are in the NHL on a very strong team. Failure to adapt could make them the next
    Kyle Beach.

  • In reply to Pilotefan:

    Beach is a good example. I think the days of "true" enforcers are gone, and Bollig, IMO, is another "project" player the Hawks will keep trying to work with and will keep around. Possibly because I have no real skill, I appreciate role players that work hard and find a way to make themselves useful.

  • Wow! Bryzgalov might be coming to the Las Vegas Wranglers! I can only hope somebody out here gives him a call in radio show! LOL

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