Blues beat Hawks 3-2, Stanley Cup Decided

Well, that finish kinda reminded me of that joke where Mrs. Lincoln says, "The play was great except for the shooting". That was a really shitty way to lose the game, but it was a very entertaining contest. I'm guessing Crawford is going to take some grief for this and he probably should. On the one hand, all three goals were the result of defensive breakdowns. Hossa turned over the puck right in the middle of the neutral zone, the second one was a tip from a completely open player in front of the net, and the last one was the result of a bad pinch that created a three on one the other way. However, on that last goal, Crow had plenty of time to square to the shooter and got a piece of it. True, it was a ripped shot, but I think you gotta have that one. On the plus side, did you see Kane haul ass to get back on that play and cut off the pass option? That was impressive.

I think the Blues deserve some credit here for playing a good game. While the rivalry shit by NBC was way overblown, I think it was pretty clear the Blues saw this as a statement game and they delivered. This is the only game I've seen the Blues play this year, but I can sorta see why some people are expecting big things from them. They looked good, Halak looked really good, but it wasn't like the Hawks had problems getting shots on net and they forced a few break aways. Still, they came out on top when it counted and the Hawks gave away at least one point they should have gotten. And late to boot,.

On the good side, TWO POWER PLAY GOALS! Not shitty, lucky break goals, but honest to God, work hard and crash the net goals. That Kane sneak to the doorstop is likely gonna be shut down pretty quick by other teams, but for tonight, they were looking good. Sharp had an incredible game and overall, I really have very little to complain about from individual players. Each line had some good chances and both teams had some really good surges in what was a fast, back and forth contest.

On the flip side, all three goals happened after some bad breakdowns. Hossa had a very uncharacteristic sloppy pass in the neutral zone and though he had some good moments, I'm starting to buy into the talk that he isn't 100%. Kruger got freaking drilled again on the dot and something's gotta give there. The dude works his ass off and is fearless in the corners. But his FO losses in the defensive zone are gonna start getting costly. On the last goal, I can appreciate the Seabrook is trying to make something happen, but I'm also thinking that with a minute or so to go, you need to be thinking about at least getting the point.

As for me, I am definitely not in season form yet as I was not really keeping track of Q line juggling. I'm not happy the Hawks lost this game so late after giving up a three on one, but I don't have a lot to complain about yet.

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  • I thought Bickell was absolutely awful last night. He looked as if he was in a coma. He gets knocked off the puck so easily. He should be embarrassed playing on the same line as Toews, seeing how good the captain is along the boards, while he gives up the puck in a matter of seconds.

  • Yep, the Blues look good, and were the better team for long moments in the game. Either team could have won this game, and the Blues battled hard to get it. Like you said Vegas, exciting game to watch.

    I'm not blaming Crawford, but I bet we see a lot more of what he has started the season with. That contract is gonna be a killer.

    Yeah, I'm not impressed with Bickell so far either. He needs to step it up, and he knows it. No more easy going regular seasons Bicks.

    Hossa looks really harsh most of the time. Something has to break there very soon, because Sharp is playing his butt off to keep things going.

    Power-play goals scored from action in the high slot. Huh, who would have guessed? They are forcing the play, staying away from the boards and the point. Going behind the net is something that has often paid off for them. Keep moving, force that high slot pass, and pick up the garbage. Bingo!

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    I wouldn't have been happy with Crow last night if he only made 2.5 a year. I think he should have got that last one, but that was a bad pinch by seabs. I remember that around 09 or the first cup, the had a good power play but sucked on PK and ever since have been cycling on both. They've never really figured it out. Considering their five on five ability, I think I'd rather see them excel at the PK like they did last year. Cap reality is a bitch. I do think they overpaid for Crow, but I can't really complain about Bickell. He's a guy who is going to be be moving up and down lines and we know that at some point Saad will be back up top. I'd rather see Saad be a bum slayer on a lower line, but it's inevitable that he spends time up top and that Bickell spends some time grinding.

    We've talked before about Hossa. I wasn't totally on board last year with seeing him repurposed to the third line, but neither did I hate the idea. I'm not sure Handzus as 2C is the only issue with that combination. IF they aren't going to give Sharp a better center to play with, I don't see why they don't just re slot him there, maybe keep Hossa there and then put one of Smith-Morin-Shaw up there. More on Pirri below.

  • Awful pinch by Seabrook at an inappropriate time in the game. Crawford should never have to have faced that shot. Loved the PP scoring.

    Boys have a target on their backs as Cup winners and any loss of focus they will pay for as everyone wants to kick their butt.

    Still looking for that second line centre. What has it been ? Six years ?

    Whose canoe did Pirri poop in ? Is he that lame defensively ?

  • In reply to Pilotefan:

    I honestly didn't get to see any Pirri pre season, so I can only go on what I have read. Comments from all over were pretty mixed on whether he was really ready to step in. I still dont' think he's very big and that's something of an issue. This isn't saying anything yet really, but he is already a -2 in Rockford. I don't like the 2C by committee scheme that Q is running, but something seems like it needs to give. Either a guy like Pirri needs to get his chance, or Stan needs to try and make some trades and squeeze some cap space. With the cap drop this year, I think we need to accept we probably aren't going to get a real 2C this year.

  • It's a weird game. The Hawks' worst game has been their only win. Lots of things we can nit-pick on, but I like what I've seen in the last two games. A couple tough breaks / bad plays to lose both.

    As has been said, everyone wants to beat the champs. Hawks better learn to shut the door hard in the third or they'll be losing more games in this fashion.

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