The Preseason Watch is Over, and so is the idea of seeing Pirri as the #2 center.

The Preseason Watch is Over, and so is the idea of seeing Pirri as the #2 center.

I know, don't get ahead of myself. This is just the preseason, and what decisions get made here are not final. Just think, it was only a year ago that Q made the choice to send Saad back to Rockford so that Carcillo could play on the 1st line. What do I know, Q obviously knows so much more than everybody else, because he has 2 Cups in 4 years. Because playing John Scott for 2 minutes a game is better than having anyone else play 7 minutes, relieving the superstars from 30 minutes a game, and maybe even adding in the possibility of offensive or defensive pressure. All because Scott can punch people in the face better than most. And, of course (although I will admit that Bollig has heart), sitting Stalberg to play a cold and far less talented Bollig in the heart of a Cup run is brilliant, right? I could go on and on.

Today, Pirri and Morin were officially sent down to Rockford. With a gapping hole at the #2 center spot, the #1 leading goal scorer in the AHL last year, who happens to be a center (not a winger placed in a position he isn't suited for), was given 2 games worth of time to prove himself, and yesterday was on the 4th line with Bollig. Never mind the sound positioning that I saw, and the good passing skills with strong goal scoring instincts, Pirri made one bad drop pass that helped lead to a goal against.

I am assuming the solution to this is that we have to watch Shaw play a position that he isn't built for. But hey, we won a Cup with that wrong decision being made, we can do it again. Because, the whole Saad idea at center didn't seem to work out, just as it didn't with Kane. Who's next? The good news is that SB stacked the system with so many prospects at center, Q's inability to make a strong decision will get glossed over again. We all know Tuevo isn't going to be away from the NHL too much longer anyway.

I knew that one of the spots was most likely going to come down to Morin or Hayes. To be fair, I think Hayes upped his game a lot, and I get it, he is big. But, as I said in the prior post, Morin has more grit and consistency to his game. But, Hayes scored a nice goal last night off of a good breaking pass, and a bad defensive play against. Lucky kid, because it just seems like Q grabs onto one play he sees you make and rides it for the rest of your career in Chicago. We should just forget about the goal that Morin scored earlier in the preseason in which he went end to end all on his own.

To top it all off, we currently have 8 defensemen rostered. Not a joke, this is Q at his finest.

On a side note, I do agree that Joakim Nordstrom had a great showing, and earned a spot on the team. He looks primed to fill Frolik's skates. I just don't think it should have been at the expense of the best #2 center option we currently have. it should have been at the expense of a certain fighter, in a system that is trying to end fights.

It's early, and I like to complain about Q (he makes it so easy), so I don't even put too much weight on these actions myself, but I do think it is just another reason why I am not a fan of Q's coaching.

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  • So you will be the guy holding up the 'Q is an idiot!" sign while the banner is going up? LOL

    I think winning cups is becoming detrimental to your tranquility!

  • No surprise here with Pirri. After watching him all last year in Rockford, he is not a strong skater and was nowhere close to being ready for the #2 spot.

    I am not a Jimmy Hayes fan by any means, but I thought he clearly outplayed Morin in the preseason. He consistently performed well in the preseason, which we can't say about Morin.

    Let the games begin!

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