Free Agency arrives, let the prouncements of Stan's idiocy begin


If I had any photo shop skills, I would have put a Hawks jersey on this idiot and it would have encapsulated a cross section of the meatball fan base that is just perpetually miserable and insufferable with their complaining about this team. Maybe it's worse because the Hawks ARE winning. Anyway, we know it's coming, why not embrace it? Kicking things off, we have the Leddy signing to talk about. At $2.7 mildo a year, there is likely an ungodly amount to be unhappy about. I don't think so, but after reading some comments around the interwebs, apparently there is. First and foremost, we should throw out the entire season of work and say that a guy who had reduced ice time in the finals should get nothing. In fact, perhaps he should pay THE TEAM to be allowed to come back. Obviously, we would like that figure to be a little lower, but we have now been spared the offer sheet attack like the one that came on Hammer. If you believe no one out there would be a big enough, all world, supreme idiot to put an offer sheet on Leddy, see below.

On to free agency where, undoubtedly, the outrage when Bowman does nothing will AGAIN erupt. In a world where Lecavalier is paid 33 million dollars (over the next 14 years) by one team to NOT play while he rakes in $4.5 a year for his new team, I suppose you have to be angry when the Hawks aren't even moderately involved and helping to spread that kinda crazy. Look at our buyouts after all! I mean, what did we save, a paltry 5.5 mildo? If dats all we saved, Bowman clearly isn't swinging for the fences to bring a cup here. Wait, he just did? So what, dat guy is still a bum. Part of what make the Lecavalier deal so spectacular is the buyouts that occurred in Philly to make room for Vinny. If I read right, Briere will be paid about $825K to leave and Bryz will get paid about $1.46 mildo to not play. I can only imagine that Philly meatballs are as proud of their GM and owner as Chicago meatballs are pissed that Stan and Rocky are wussies in a brave new cap world.

Ball busting aside, I expect little out of the Hawks today. I have a mild curiosity to see what Stalberg nets on the open market and a stronger curiosity in see what kind of offers come to Rozsival and Emery. Haven't heard anything yet on Kruger, but I really want to see that kid come back.

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  • Alfredsson to the Wings for $5.5 mildo. Why didn't the braintrust on Madison trade Kyle Beach and Carcillo for his rights and then sign him to a one year deal at $750k? The incompetence of Hawks management boggles my mind.

  • Got my wish, Bowman signed Leddy and Rosival. Handzus for a million for one year is another good signing. Stalberg, Beach and a bag of pucks for more draft choices and Bowman is done. Time enough later to acquire another centre.

    Alfredson to Detroit tells me there is something in the water similar to the Habs signing another midget forward , Briere.

    People dissing Hawks management would whine that their tax refund wasn't large enough when they claimed their dog as a dependent and got away with it.

  • I am a fan of Bowman, even if getting rid of Frolik was a mistake in my mind. It is Q I wouldn't mind seeing go.

    Stalberg to the Preds for 3m a year, not bad. They will use him wisely there.

    Shocker that we were able to get Rozsi back. Sad to see Emery go.

    Pirri moves up into the #2 center spot, Shaw is #3, and we have Handzus and Kruger to move around. Not a terrible thought.

  • I'm a little surprised the Wings were not in an Stalberg and I'm also a little surprised he wound up on a team like Nashville that plays such a defensive game. Here's the funny part, after the ball busting I did up top, I feel a bit ambivalent about resigning Roszival. I absolutely loved what he brought last year, but a two year deal makes me think Brookbank. Wait and see I guess. Not surprised on Razor, I think he is really trying hard to get one last good contract to take him to retirement. Hawks sure got their money worth out of him. Zus for a mildo is a good deal. I don't think they get away with him at 2C again, but he seems like a great guy to have around. So far, nothing I'm really upset about.

    Anyone going to prospects camp next week?

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    I thought it would have been cool if Edmonton grabbed Stalberg. An already fast team, I would be interested in seeing it get even faster. Detroit was another possibility, given Stalberg's nationality. The Preds are an interesting choice. His offense will be used, but he won't have much to play with.

    Zus will likely be a 4th or 3rd line center depending on what they want to do with Shaw. But, no matter what, he won't play close to the full schedule.

  • Hawks resign Khabbi and the only money thing I could see was that it was for 2 mildo, but he needs to hit incentives to make that. At 2 million, I'm not too happy, but he has been doing pretty well even playing in front of shitty defense, so that's something. Unless he is hurt or goes to rehab, I think this means Raanta is not going to get a sniff in the bigs this year and it probably also means the brass has no faith in anyone else in the system either. That's a bit troubling.

    Well, if nothing else, when Crow lets in the inevitable soft goal, the meatballs will have something to yell for when they demand that Khabbi takes over.

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