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For better or for worse

Someday, Joel Quenneville, (AKA Q) is going to be fired from coaching the Hawks. Yesterday, however, was not that day and instead he was extended for three more years. By default, I’ve frequently wound up being a supporter/defender of Q by trying to suggest some perspective when he ignores the wisdom of thousands of coaches... Read more »

Well, that's that

So, it looks like Kruger is signed and at what looks like a pretty good number to me. 1.325 for each of the next two years which leaves a cap space of 1.18 going into the season. Now that the Kruger contract is out of the way, I can’t imagine there is anything left to... Read more »

Speaking of free agency math...

Well, since we have a gap here until something else interesting happens or I come up with some other off the wall topic, I was wondering if it’s too soon or even relevant to discuss everyone’s final thoughts on the lockout. In general, considering that there seemingly was no consequence to the NHL, owners or... Read more »

Free Agency for the Blackhawks: You do the Math.

Isn’t free agency fun? Watching all the possibilities and talent shift around the NHL. Iginla ends up with Boston after they lost Horton. This one is kind of funny given that Iggy passed on the Bruins a few months ago. There is Alfredsson who signed with the Wings in search for a Stanley Cup ring.... Read more »

Free Agency arrives, let the prouncements of Stan's idiocy begin

If I had any photo shop skills, I would have put a Hawks jersey on this idiot and it would have encapsulated a cross section of the meatball fan base that is just perpetually miserable and insufferable with their complaining about this team. Maybe it’s worse because the Hawks ARE winning. Anyway, we know it’s... Read more »

Two Down, One to go before free agency

Well, even if we don’t know the dollars, I’m sure most of Chicago knows by now that the Hawks have signed Nick Leddy to a two year deal. As of 9PM Pacific on 7/3, the numbers aren’t out, so we don’t know yet what this will do to the cap. As most regulars know, I... Read more »

Ch,Ch,Ch, Changes: Blackhawks bid farewell to Bolland and Frolik

Ch,Ch,Ch, Changes: Blackhawks bid farewell to Bolland and Frolik
Not a shocker to most who have been following the Hawks closely over the past year, Dave Bolland has found himself a fresh start with a new team. Personally, I wish most of the predictions and news could have waited until after the Hawks Parade, as Bolland rumors were posted almost as soon as he... Read more »