Keith takes a seat.

Well, I'm sure we've all heard by now about Keith getting suspended for whacking Carter in the face. The portrayal that Carter just whacked his hand a little bit is bullshit, but this was a wild swing by Keith and could have done far more damage then it did, which wasn't just a scrape. It sucks to lose him for this game, but I think he's kind of lucky. Douchebaggery abounds in the playoffs and you have to be able to deal with it. Game two was a bad game by the Hawks across the board, at least until the third period. The Hawks were blocked from doing what they wanted to do and the Kings were completely able to play the game they are good at winning. There is no mystery for what the Hawks need to do tonight to win this game. The forwards have got to be better defensively on the forecheck and backcheck, and they must come down and help with break outs. Out defend a team that lives on defense and you will win.

This will likely mean Brookbank is back in and from the get go this year, I never thought he fit in the way Oduya has or even Rozsival. I appreciate that Bowman was trying to bring in an element that many bitched about the Hawks lacking, but the reality is that this team is built to be fast. Nobody likes stick waving Euro's back on the D, but unless a hulking D can get the puck up the ice quickly, a big hit down low in the defensive zone probably isn't going to help very much. As we've seen with Handzus, when you spend a lot of effort isolating a guy like Kane, you leave a guy like Handzus open and we see what he's done with some of his opportunities.

It took a long time for this team to show some resiliency against the Wings, but they did eventually find it. This series could easily go six or seven games and do so without the Hawks really ever playing a truly shitty game.I don't always side with the crowd, but I do expect a better game tonight and expect that other players will step up knowing that Keith is out. It sure would be nice to come home 3-1 instead of 2-2 and it's absolutely achievable.

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  • I understand the suspension, but I think it was the wrong call, obviously made more so by who's side I am on. There has been far worse in this playoffs alone, and this call could have large consequences in the series. There is no consistency in these decisions. Carter didn't even lose a shift, and I thought the slash (although in a bad place) was weak. He lunged the stick at Carter with one hand, and Carter didn't even get that badly banged up. Still, the intent was there so I get it.

    I think the Hawks have been on the losing end of some pretty bad calls in the playoffs, and this kind of adds insult. Keith got the double minor and did his time. he didn't get the major and the game on the ice, because the officials didn't see it as being that bad, and Carter was not without his role in the play. Wrong call to give him an extra game for that IMO.

    But, that was a really dumb move by Keith, and he should be the one taking the ownership over hurting his team. Keith has been arguably the best player on the ice for both teams in this series (which again, just adds insult to the call), and it puts the Hawks in a bad place. Game 4 is not a must win, but it is a big one for the Hawks. From L.A.'s perspective, this game is much bigger.

    Time for some other guys to pick it up. Leddy will have to have the game of his career. Brookbank will probably get limited ice, which means others will have to step it up as well. I hope he brings a big and clean physical presence. Seabrook better turn in his hardest effort as well. Hopefully, Hjalmer isn't too badly banged up, because he is about to near the 30 minute mark of ice-time.

    When I say it is time for other guys to pick things up, I am looking at Kane, Toews, and Hossa. Each of them should leave tonight's game with at least a point. No more time for excuses, get it done.

    On another note, I have been reading reports that go along with Vegas' comment on Q's coaching choices between games. the non-practicing, among others, and there is more than enough reason to question his work ethic, and how that gets handed down to his guys. I don't want a coach who yells at everybody, but we need someone who knows the right buttons to push. Q might not be doing that. Motivation is a tricky thing. Push too hard and you lose them, not enough and nothing ever gets going. Plus, with this Keith suspension on top of other bad reactions by players, I have to question Q's hold on his team.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Post season, we will have to have our yearly Q discussion, LOL. I think questioning Qs hold on the team is a little over the top. I hate to say it, but I think Keith is a hot head. I can't blame Q for that nor can I blame Q for Toews meltdown when he was getting owned by Zetterberg. I question the non practice as well, but giving guys time off during the season was something he did and look how that turned out. Is Bylsma a shitty coach? Shero a shitty GM? No, but they are running a team that on paper is probably more stacked then the Hawks and they are getting outplayed and are down 3-0.

    Sutter, to me, is not working magic the way Babcock did. He made one line change that IMO, had little to do with the outcome of the game. Ever since 09, I feel like this team coasts, as does every team when things are going their way. I'd like to see them come out and dominate teams into submission every night of the week, but that's probably not realistic. President's trophy. Up 2-1 in the WCF. Right now, I don't think we have much to complain about.

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