Defining Moments: Kane's double overtime series winning (hatrick) goal defines a dynasty in Chicago

David Bolland said something after the game that touched upon what I think says a lot about this Blackhawks hockey team. The resolve and calm felt by the guys during big moments, dire moments, and electrifying moments has made them a very hard team to beat. No, the Hawks were not the best team on the ice for the majority of the game, but when push comes to shove, these guys push the right buttons, and they have quite the knock-out punch. They are the best when it counts most.

I mean, have you ever seen a double overtime conference winning goal such as this one? Come on, this is not your average group of players, who keep their heads, get to business, and blow your socks off when the time is right. Never in a million years was I thinking Toews would send that puck over to Kane after all the missed opportunities because of the extra passes, let alone put it perfectly on his stick without looking.

You could call it cocky, and boy is Boston going to test that confidence, but nothing will ever take away from the perfectness that this pass, and shot had to be. So much so, that Quick was ripped right out of his gear. He wasn't thinking pass, and Toews sold it all the way to the bank as Kane worked like a magician to perfectly place that shot like we have watched him so many times. It was pure brilliance, and a goal that I will never forget.

Sure, the Hawks will be far from perfect for great stretches, but they will find perfection when they need it, and for this reason, the confidence in their players, the resolve as a team, the high brow type of hockey at times, makes them a really hard team to beat. They are just too deep, and just too crafty.

Oh, was there a 90 minute hockey game played before that goal?

You thought it was over when Kane found the back of the net for the first time on the night, following a complete fluke goal allowed by Quick. The Hawks were the far better team for almost the entire 1st period. I thought the Kings had given up, and who would have blamed them. The second period would show just how strong L.A. is, and maybe this just adds significance to what the Hawks did in this series, while giving a hint to just how tough and amazing this final series against Boston will be.

You also might have thought it was over when Kane scored late in the 3rd to take a 3-2 lead. I did.

Yes, give big credit to the Kings, and to their big guns for showing up last night. The Hawks sat back with a strong lead early, and the Kings said thank you. This seemed to help ignite the rise of the stars, as your Kopitars, Kanes, Keith's, and Brown's, ect brought it last night.

Unfortunately, and somehow not surprisingly, the Kings found their gift during a Hawks power-play. The PP was the difference for the Hawks, but not in the way we had hoped for. Leavingthe door opened for the Kings was not the brightest idea, and they ran right in with a huge shorty. Could have been 3-0 after that power-play.

The icing for L.A., or so I thought, was when Toews lost a big face-off with 9 seconds left, after a not so great actual icing from Bickell. One face-off win sent this into a world none of us wanted to go. A world where 1 bad icing and face-off could possibly be the beginning of the end. We all had a glimpse of a future where this win fueled the Kings to take game 6 and make this a 7 game series. All because a puck was on edge and continued down the ice.

Oh, and how about Seabrook not allowing Richards to stand there so freaking easily?

Fortunately, it was just a reason for Kaner to ice the F-U cake he had been baking for some time now. Yep, that is why we pay him the big bucks. All 3 reasons why.

Ending this story where I began it, Bolland talked about the depth as being integral to why this team can feel so good even when trailing or in a desperate situation. Because, any shift could be the big shift. When Saad, Shaw, Bickell, and Frolik can bring a powerful game like they have so often in the playoffs, it takes a lot of the pressure off their leaders, which trickles back down to the heart of this team.

For all the complaining I do about them, and they certainly give enough reasons too, the character of this team was defined by their big moments last night, in a game where they just didn't have everything going right, the Hawks showed just how hard their punches can be.

Bring on the Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I think I must have watched the replay of the Toews-to-Kane game winner about 50 times. Real-time, slow-mo, ultra slow, frame-by-frame. You said it HH, it was an unbelievably perfect play. Amazing skill! What a rush!

    The question of why the Hawks didn't keep pressing after going up 2-0, and why they can't seem to do anything on the power-play still remain, but how can we complain much when they've made it this far?

    I don't know what to think about the Finals. After seeing the Bruins totally shut-down the skill of the Pens... while the Hawks played right through the physicality of the Kings (and beat the "unbeatable" J. Quick), it seems both teams have already figured out how to overcome each other's strengths.

    I will say that I'm worried about the lasting integrity of the giant Hawks logo on my Jeep spare tire cover living out here in New England. Also, just to humor myself, I looked into getting tickets for one of the games at TD Garden.... Cheapest ones are $500 each for the last row at the top of the stadium. Lower level seats... $2.5K to $5K+ each. Yeah, I'll be watching on TV.

    And I'm just putting this out there now... I WILL be sent to the hospital if any games late in the series go to OT.

    What an amazing run this year so far! Go Hawks!

  • When your team wins the presidents trophy and then makes it to the finals, the bar is pretty much set to win the cup or be seen as a failure. I wont' be happy if they don't win, but I think the team has made a pretty amazing turn around since they won the cup and had to promptly blow the team up. It is not pure luck this team is in the finals and though it would be nice to have that second line center, I do not remotely feel this team is overmatched on paper by the Bruins. They aren't better on paper either, but I think there is just enough from each team that is different that this should be a really good series.

    Since we will be discussing other stuff, I wanted to say one last thing about this past series. IMO, Crawford outplayed Quick. I think that needed to be said.

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    Yes, Crawford outplayed Quick.

    Crow probably deserves his own post in the near future.

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