Skyfail, Hawks lose 3-1 to Nucks

I hate to keep feeling like I am making excuses to cover up really bad behavior, but I'm just feeling hard pressed to be really upset about this. Carcillo played with the top line, Bollig spent some time with the second line and that likely pleases no one but the meatballs. Just to rub salt in the wound of true hockey fans, Dan "Gorilla Salad" Carcillo scored the Hawks only goal. But, I have a hard time feeling like the Hawks got dealt a hang your head in shame loss. The Nucks wanted this game, they skated hard and they got the win. Much as I hate the Nucks and their fan base for their insufferable diving, bitching and grandstanding, the fact remains that the Nucks are a legitimately good hockey team. We can bitch about Q's lines. We can bitch about being outhit (37-23). We can bitch about being out shot (32-25). And I still say, Meh.

One thing I can't bitch about in this game is Crawford. After playing a shitty game the other night, I thought he came back with a strong performance tonight. On the first goal, Oduya redirected the puck into the net. On the second goal, Keith and Hammer both left Kassian standing right in Crows grill. And on the third, right after the Hawks started to really crank something up on a 4-4 situation, Sister Henrietta passed to sister Daniella with a really sweet bank off the boards and he skated in on Crawford unopposed. Though that wasn't the game winner, I thought the game was basically done at that point. To the Hawks credit, I thought they came back with some fight in the third and had some pretty close chances to score. On Carbombs goal, basically he cashed in on the only break of the night the Hawks got when he backhanded a puck that bounced off the ref right to him while Schnieds was looking elsewhere. Seeing his dagger look at the ref was kind of satisfying. After that, the the Hawks took a penalty somewhere and the Nucks ran almost a minute off the clock before leting the Hawks touch the puck.

Odds and ends. Dave Bollan apparently played and left with a lower body injury. I saw him on a penalty kill and was thinking to myself he was looking kinda shitty out there. It's lower body I guess, but I didn't really see any particular play that did him in. At this point, though I am not one to scream at the Gods of hockey for letting Carcillo play top line, I am ready to scream for not seeing some ice time for Pirri or even LeBlanc. With the Hogs being eliminated from the playoff picture, I would think this now seems much more likely. Coming into the last few games, I care less about the outcomes then I do about who plays and what Q experiments with. If Bolland is expected out for anything length of time, it's really time to seriously explore other options at 2C. As for final thoughts on this game, this is what a true playoff team looks like and this game reminded me of what every series between Van and Chicago looked like. Any team can beat the Hawks on any given night, but it takes four out of seven to advance. I still take those odds over any team in the West.

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  • I was so impressed with Crawford last night. That might have been the best we have seen him play in a very long time, better than anything I have seen this year. He actually made a tough glove save. He was seeing the puck, reading the play, and reacting quickly. Here's to hoping that this is his playoff game.

    I dunno, I am persuaded to "throw this game in the trash," as Q put it, but it just seems like an excuse for his inability to make the hard choices when his overtly talented roster isn't making them for him. Things got kind of weird last night. Being out 2 centers will do that, but the reactions by Q were still confusing, and you are absolutely right Vegas, we should have seen some Hogs before this date. Especially centers, and especially Pirri. There is a post on the Hawks site about how he took home the AHL's scoring title after all. WTF?

    What I did like seeing was Frolik getting some time with Kane on the "2nd" line, because it was something I had been harping on. The result was an astounding "I told you so", as he proved much more worthy of working with Kane on that line. Even in a game like this one.

    In a game like this, when it is obvious your 3rd line is the best answer for the Nucks at the moment, and Stalberg is arguably the most effective forward on the ice, just play him more. Seriously, it is okay to give him more minutes that your top guys in a game that is apparently "trash" anyway. It saves Kane, Toews, Hossa, Saad from injury a little more, and gives Stalberg a sense of worth.

    Eddie complaining about Stalberg's play was a very questionable moment?

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Being stuck with the Vancouver feed is one of several reasons why it sucks to be an out of market fan, so I didn't get to hear Edzo's chirping. Not sure why he has been on him lately.Read a few wraps around the net this morning and heard about how Keith is a sexist. Gawd I hate the Nucks universe where every-freaking-thing is an issue.

  • x2. I live in the Vancouver market and it does make you gag. The maw on sports radio is insatiable and as the only pro franchise in the city ......

    Losing was probably a good thing as this is the future. Psyched up teams who are going to pound them. The Hawks can deal with it but get used to Carcillo riding shotgun on the first line. Backes and those who wish to beat on Toews need to understand there are consequences . Super pleased he got the goal. His game is what we will need come the play-offs.

    Choked about the team's reluctance to cycle Pirri, Morin, Hayes and others through for more games. I've harped on it in previous posts. Play-offs mean injuries and with our apparent wealth on the farm we could be better prepared than we wiil be.

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